Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mary Kling

Mary Kling is a retired teacher. She loved teaching, but loves retirement more. She has loved writing for a long time, can't remember when she did not write. She has been a member of an online writing group called the Skywriters for fifteen years. It is still going strong, and so far she has led four other members to Poets United. This group produced two anthologies: On Wings of Words and The Mirror Looks Back, which were for a while sold on

Mary co-authored two novels with her partner Diane Truswell. They had hopes that these books would be picked up by a major publisher, but though they had some positive comments this wasn't to be. They self-published the two books, Dare to Dance and Solitary Beachwalkers through XLibris. They are still available on and Barnes and Noble, but if you write a note to her in her blog she will cut you a MUCH better deal on these novels. She really believes in them. Mary has also self-published a poetry book, In My Mind, through XLibris. Her poetry book was published mainly so her family and close friends would have her words. With all of the poems she has written since that time, she is thinking about a second poetry book. She believes that her words will be her immortality and believes strongly in blogs as a way of keeping words alive.

Mary has two daughters and five grandchildren, and often the grandchildren make their way into her poetry. Mary's last grandparent died when she was six, so she is determined to be the best possible grandmother to her grandchildren so that they will have good memories of her. She caretakes two grandchildren every day all summer and during the school year caretakes one every day. With her grandchildren she swims, swings on swings, goes down slides, takes walks, has tea parties, goes to the zoo. This makes her and grandchildren happy and keeps Mary young. She goes to the YMCA and works out every day and is proud of the fact that she has walked several half marathons in the past few years! Oh, and Mary also loves dogs, especially hers and sometimes wonders if she could turn into that crazy woman with a houseful of dogs! So far, not yet! She also loves to travel.

Mary loves writing poetry, loves the people she has met through Poets United. Poetry is her hobby right now, perhaps her addiction. Though she watches her granddaughter every weekday all day, she gets up early in the morning and stays up later at night to write. When she was in her 20's she said that her goal was to touch as many people as she could in as positive a way as possible. She still feels the same. Poetry on the Internet is one way of accomplishing that.

Her blog is In The Corner of My Eye She hopes you will visit her there.


  1. What a lovely piece and I loved getting to know a little bit more about Mary! Thanks

  2. Mary, Elizabeth told me to talk to you about my book The Red Shoe Artists Book Project. I realized I didn't know how to get hold of you, except Poets United. Could you please help me?

  3. All I can say as a Skywriter for the past 15 years is "Yup, that's our Mary!" (and I say it so proudly!) Congratulations to Poets United on an outstandind first year!

  4. Ah Mary, it's so nice to learn more about you. :)

    I just discovered this staff/contributors page and am reading my way through the group.

  5. Sigh. Have been trying for ages to leave a comment - steph's laptop and PU have a glitch, it wont recognize me. Trying this roundabout way to let people know I have read and will be home tomorrow afternoon....keep losing comments. A lovely day in Sooke, ocean, sea pets in facility. Argh. Home one-ish tomorrow.......might you explain at PU for me? Thanks, Mary. Trying this one last time.