Monday, November 8, 2010

Poetry Blog of the Week - (8 November 2010) On a Day Like Today

Written and selected by Mary Kling

On a Day Like Today is the blog of Peggy Goetz, who has been prolificly blogging since 2007. "Poetry is a view inside offered to the world" are the words a reader first encounters when entering her blog. Her collection of poems reflects that philosophy. A distinctive quality of this blog is it features a collection of Peggy's unique photographs (many from her travels to Turkey, China, South Africa, etc.) alongside thought-provoking poetry. Peggy has a way of getting inside a subject, finding a unique corner of it to explore, and making the reader see things from her microscope.

As you peruse this blog, we want to point out that she also has included a link to another of her poetry blogs: Africa Unfinished, which features poems and photos of her experiences in Nkandla, South Africa, when she worked with the Africa Project, an Irvine, California-based effort to help children orphaned or affected by AIDS. Don't miss this one! But be warned, some of the poems and photographs may wrench your heartstrings.

But back to On a Day Like Today! Unfortunately, most of Peggy's poetry cannot be linked (due to its style). She very recently changed her blog to make poems linkable, so here are some exceptions to pave your way into her blog and whet your appetite for more. First, "Knowledge,". Then "All Saints Eve".  Do you see what we mean about the beautiful photos with poems?

Because so many poems are not linkable, we will share a few within this article to give a sense of Peggy's writing style. This poem is about word collecting and the relationship of words to silence:

Collecting Words

I don't think of my world
as one of silence, but as I
try to pay attention to
collect words from my life
I realize there are long
periods where I hear no one
saying words. There are sounds,
the hum of the refrigerator,
the washing machine, dryer,
distant traffic now and then,
people or my dog moving
around, snuffling and such.
But my head is filled with
words, they are my constant
familiars, mingling with feelings
creating thoughts they are
all through me, surround me.
my constant familiars
And yet there is silence.

Here Peggy ponders the age old question: What is truth? She has a unique approach, as she often does in her poetry.


My world, my little bubble
of confusing reality, is mostly
clear to me, as yours is to you. But
they are not the same, nothing
in them coincides perfectly.
With a million observers
there are a million self
realities. Like digital photos
that seem clear until seen
too closely, this Whole
is solid and clear from
a distance, but in reality
is a set of vibrating differences

And finally, do you have someone you really enjoy conversing with? Peggy does. Do you nod in agreement as we do?


You're my best listener, you know.
I wish everyone were as patient
and understanding as you.

I love where your mind travels
in its wanderings, the
unexpected places you go.

You are the only one who seems
to fully understand me, really
hear what I am trying to say

You're usually very clear, and
such a rational thinker, but creative
and interesting too. What's not to love.

You can be a nag too sometimes,
or worry senselessly. I do sometimes
get tired of listening on your down days.

We are a pair aren't we. I wonder if anyone
is taking in this conversation, so intense,
Me and Myself, best pals for ever.

We hope you enjoyed this introduction to On a Day Like Today and will continue to explore the works of this active, original poet.

(This post was written by Mary Kling. If you would like to read more of Mary's writing or poetry be sure to visit her blog "In the Corner of My Eye".  Mary is a poet and writer who has been a wonderful supporter of Poets United since its start.  We would like to thank her for all of her hard work.)


  1. Peggy's poems are sensitive, personal and real. I enjoyed the ones you highlighted and am off to visit her blog.

    I'l also visit Mary Kling. Thank you Mary, for this post.

  2. Wow, I am so pleased to see my blog here. Thank you so much! I look forward to reading comments.

  3. I have enjoyed Peggy's poetry so much so it's no surprise to see her with poem(s) of the week. I'm still laughing about her friend that she has great conversations with. LOL In addition to Peggy's insightful poetry, she posts photography that she has taken on her travels. She is a multi-talented poet and photographer. I always look forward to going to her blog to see the latest work.

  4. Peggy, both your photography and your poetry are excellent! I enjoy so very much reading your blog, and your blog definitely deserves to be blog of the week.

  5. Mary, such a good choice! I had already found Peggy's Africa Unfinished, amazing poems and photographs - what an experience. Peggy, I look forward to further exploring your blogs......

  6. Frustrating, I commented this morning in excitement, but must have messed up the technology somehow. Peggy, you know I love your poetry for it's unique perspective shifts, and for it's heart. I treasure work and your friendship. And Mary, I find it marvelous how you pull forward the work of your friends, build connections and community. Thank you for drawing public attention to Peggy's wonderful blog.

  7. I am excited for the poetry world to have the opportunity to read Peggy's wonderful, insightful poetry and view her incredible photography. You are a woman of many artistic talents, Peggy, and a woman of wisdom and compassion. Your work is a gift to us all.

  8. I am fascinated with Peggy's unique style of combining real life snap-shots to her poems. It brought forth realism and togetherness. Please see my response at:

  9. Thank you all for your comments! I love it.

  10. Peggy, you know what a fan I've been of your poetry (and photography) for years. I'm so glad to see your blog honored here as as Blog of the Week. Mary, you did a great favor to those who might not yet be familiar with Peggy's works. To read her is to love her!