Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Poem of the Week - Encore

Selected by Mary Kling
This poem can be found at:

Sam - Ostensible Truth

A violin plays our history
Melodic memories
Haunting my ears

Smoke and mirrors
Reflect imperfections,
Windows blow smoke
Back at me

Fingerprints burn
On older hands
Lipstick stains on
Caffeine smiles
Our story in a tear
Smudging the ink
On our page

Another stepping stone
To help you over
Your air of bricks

Take back your knife,
Target hit…
Bull’s eye leaking

Your once sky eyes
Shaded night
Conspired constellations
Shards of spite

Your heart shines coolly
Jaded beats
For rust attaches only to
Worthy metals

I set fire to your rain
Now take it back
Parade ruined
Raincloud tied around
Your whorish wrists
To accompany you along
The flaming river
… don’t look back

Thunder clapping
A standing ovation
Encore… no more… Finite

~ Sam

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  1. Favorite line, "Lipstick stains on caffeine smiles." Good stuff here!

  2. A wonderful read indeed! Great pick, Mary! I love "our story in a tear smudging the ink on our page." Wow!

  3. A lovely, very telling poem. I like the detail in this; lovely.

  4. Nice pick indeed...rust to worthy metals and setting fire to your rain...great images..Thank Mary....bkm

  5. oh unexpected :) thank you for picking it!! :)

  6. A wonderful poem from a rising star in poetry.
    <3 Skylover

  7. Always nice to read your poetry, Ostensible Truth.