Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Poem of the Week - In Their Seventies

Selected by Mary Kling
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In Their Seventies

Sitting in the waiting room, eyes warm, relaxed.

Her husband proudly reeling back to pre-op on his own.

“Something wrong with your balance?” asks the nurse.

“Yes,” says he, simply.

“Well,”- impatiently – “what is it?”

“It’s just me.”

She smiles, the wife, and waits.


I eye her surreptitiously,

And I can see

The beautiful woman

She used to be.

Clear blue eyes.

Dark, sandy hair.

High cheekbones.

Delicate frame.

Age and, I imagine,

Life with few-words, tottering man

Have left their indelible marks.

Little lines at the eyes, cheek parentheses,

A smile that never leaves her lips, a glow of love and ease.

Upon consideration

I realize that she is, in every way,

Most beautiful now.

~ Kim Nelson

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  1. A huge realization and a truly beautiful poem.

  2. Kim,
    A wonderful poem full of love and humanity.
    Well deserving of being selected as a Poem of the Week.
    Best wishes, Eileen

  3. Wonderful selection...there is nothing more beautiful than the love of an couple who has been together for so many years and still so in love...thank you Mary..bkm

  4. Beautiful in every way!Liked it kim and mary

  5. Mary and Poets United,
    I am humbled and honored that you selected one of my pieces as poem of the week
    This community has improved my writing life tremendously. The inspiration, camaraderie and support I find here uplift both my spirit and my work.
    Thank you!

  6. This brings me to tears. This hits a bit close to home. Just when I thought this kind of beauty was behind for the older adults, this brings light. Beautiful!

  7. I love the particular keenness to detail and the self-effacing effect of the whole poem.

    Beautiful write. :)

  8. Mary - you chose a truly beautiful poem. And Kim, your poem resonates with power and intensity, but within the confines of that quiet moment when you just 'know.'

  9. Yes, Kim, I just absolutely love this poem! I am so glad others are having the opportunity to read this very touching and heartfelt poem.

  10. Kim I love how her stillness just put the whole piece at ease and back in balance.

  11. Heartfelt poem. Nice to see Kim featured here.


  12. wonderful poem Kim...this was a superb selection Mary...

  13. it is absolutely beautiful, to sum up emotions is the most challenging task but i see you've done it smoothly..well done..best wishes..

  14. Kim, I love the love, serenity, acceptance and light in this poem and the final line is perfection. What a wonderful poem! Great pick, Mary!

  15. A wonderful poem, Kim - beautifully written and so expressive of the beauty of true love.