Monday, May 2, 2011

Blog of the Week - Conversations with Laurie (2 May, 2011)

At Poets United we are all about our community so please take the time support your fellow poets by visiting our blog of the week.

This week our blog of the week selected by Mary Kling is:

Conversations with Laurie

We suggest the following poems for your enjoyment:

Every week at Poets United we try to introduce our members and readers to a poet and poetry blog found here in our community. Poets United is about reading, writing and enjoying one another’s poetry and this just one more way to show our support for one another.We would love to hear your comments on this poet’s blog and poetry so please come back after visiting the blog of the week and let us know your thoughts.

We hope you enjoy visiting the highlighted blogs. Thank you for supporting your fellow poets, and you may soon see your blog highlighted here.

Poets United

(This blog was selected by Mary Kling.  She is currently one of our contributors and poets found here at Poets United.  Her hard work and help with Poets United can be found in nearly every corner of this site and for this we are grateful. If you would like to learn more about Mary or read some of her own poetry you can visit her blog "In the Corner of My Eye" or keep an eye out for more of her posts.) 


  1. Bravo! to Mary for selecting Laurie as this weeks featured poet. Laurie is one of the most active and supportive members of the community. She shares not only her work, but also insightful comments on others'. Great choice!

  2. Mary, thank you so much for directing us to this site. I am enjoying Laurie's poetry very much. Laurie, so nice to have you posting here at Poets United. And thank you, Mary, for bringing us this feature every week. We appreciate it so much!

  3. Thanks for passing on this selective poems. Nice post and keep it coming.Great work done.Meanwhile plz do pass by my blogs page read,follow and comment to aid me improve my works too.Thank you.
    Lovely day.

  4. Wow- what an unexpected honor and pleasure this is! Thank you so much for the love and support. I feel grateful to be a part of such a wonderful group of poets.


  5. It is always such a pleasure reading your words, Laurie. I agree with Kim about Laurie's support of our community.

  6. I LOVE Conversations With Laurie! What a wonderful writer she is. I see her and her work as gentle and genuine. I appreciate all her support for all poets, too. She is a gem.

  7. What a fabulous pick for Poet of the Week! Laurie is super talented, kind, supportive and fun. I'm so glad to see her spotlighted here. Brava!