Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Poem of the Week - My Hands Remember Metal (3 May, 2011)

Selected by Mary Kling
This poem can be found at:  scribbledinbits  a blog authored by poet M.A.S.

My Hands Remember Metal      

The world scaffolds itself
On binary magic and electronic illusion.
The cloud buzzes down
Instantaneous information
And High Def video
In too many colors for my eyes to distinguish.
My car parks itself.

But my fingers have become soft
As they wear away
The white letters from my wireless keyboard.
They know only the feel
Of contoured plastic.

They remember when
The world was made of metal.
They long for the cold glimmer
Of aluminum sheets  and the weight
Of a handful of steel screws.

My finger right-clicks and my hand
Pretends that instead of a dropdown menu,
It’s wrapped around a rivet gun.
It wants, every once in a while,
Blood on its knuckles, because
Hands don’t feel anything anymore.

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  1. What an interesting longing and I am sure my husband would feel the same way. I'll have to ask him. This presents a whole new look at things. Everything we touch IS plastic. What a great poem expressing something I have never heard expressed before. Love when poems take me to a different place.

  2. One of my favorite poems by M.A.S. Check out his site. There are many excellent poems to read there! I'm a fan!

  3. This one impressed me at first reading and touches again today. M A S hit a high note in its writing.

  4. Holy Moly! I never woulda thunk it! Thanks to everybody who enjoyed and supported my writing! I've been inspired by some great poetry this last month. This is such a sweet honor! Thanks, Judy, Mouse, Kim, and anybody else who has had anything at all to say about any one of my poems!

  5. it does leave something missing from everyday life. thank you for highlighting it in such a moving way.

  6. Wow, it REALLY made me think - what an original poem on a subject we dont think about enough. I know how much I dont like plastic, but how way cool to write such a great poem about it........good one M.A.S. And great pick, Mary. Mary, thank you for bringing us the blog of the week and the poem of the week so faithfully every week. We sure appreciate you!

  7. Glad that M.A.S.'s poem was selected by Mary. Now I can savour with relish the rest of his poems. Congratulations M.A.S.

  8. M.A.S., so nice to see so many comments on your poem. I really did enjoy it and your other poems as well.

  9. M.A.S - When I saw this post in Poets United this morning, I jumped in joy having followed your blog and knowing what I have read of you. Every bit of this credit is well deserved. And, what a great poem!