Monday, June 20, 2011

Blog of the Week - A Heart for Writing (20 June, 2011)

At Poets United we are all about our community and enjoying each other's work, so please take the time support one of your fellow poets by visiting our Blog of the Week.

This week our Blog of the Week is
A Heart for Writing

by  Judith C. Evans, a poet from Texas, USA, . Those of you who have frequented the Thursday Think Tank or Poetry Pantry have undoubtedly met her there.

Some poems we would like to highlight from her blog are:

Summer Argument

Last Day of School

The Fire of Unwelcome Ideas

Thanks, Judith, for being part of our community!

Every week Poets United tries to introduce our members and readers to a poet and poetry blog found  in our community. Poets United is about reading, writing, and enjoying one another’s poetry; and this is just one more way to show our support for one another. We would love to hear your comments on this poet’s blog and poetry; so please come back after visiting the blog of the week and let us know your thoughts.

We hope you enjoy visiting the highlighted blogs each week. Thank you for supporting your fellow poets with positive comments.  You may soon see your blog highlighted here.

Mary Kling (who hangs out at  In the Corner of My Eye) for Poets United.


  1. Great pick, Mary. Thanks for bringing these member's sites to our attention. Judith, I enjoyed browsing your blog, as always.

  2. Gosh, what a surprise! I just got home from grocery shopping and saw this post...thank you for this supportive community!

  3. Judith,

    Very impressed with your Blog too.
    I hope to spend some more time, calling by to read more of your words.
    Excellent choice for Blog of the Week.


  4. I have not been around long ... well, in this community anyway. Judith was one of the first people to speak with me, she was a warm and welcoming voice. I adore her blog in part because of her gentle and sweet banner. And I love her poetry. Excellent choice, I enjoyed reading this and a couple of poems that I had not read. Thank you!

  5. Great post, I really enjoyed reading it :) :)