Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Poem of The Week - Foals at Dawn (28 June, 2011)

Poets United is all about Community.  We wish to celebrate and acknowledge individual poets who are part of this group.  This week's poem of the week  is  Foals at Dawn which is written by  Jenne' R. Andrews, who lives in Colorado, U.S.A.

Foals at Dawn can be found at

Foals at Dawn

At dusk the palomino mare leaves the herd
Circling, wandering in tall grass--
Sweating, looking at her huge
Low-slung belly.

I watch through binoculars
Even then she recedes
From me, her shape inseparable
From the line of cottonwoods;  I fear for her
Foaling alone in the dark.

Then along the blurred frame of light
Comes one of the other mares, streaking
At a dead gallop, to the place
Where I see the lashing banner
Of the downed mare’s tail
before night obviates all things.

Speeding out again
At dawn
I look out once more through the binoculars
Steam rises from the field
The sky opens like a peach kimono
In its folds the two mares
Each with a new foal, each foal
Trying its legs. 

This is how I see heaven now:
A field in early June
Where we are strands
In the weft of light
Among the daybreak horses.

Thanks, Jenne, for being part of the Poets United community. It is nice to get to know you through your poetry.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this week’s selection. Each week we select a poem from one of our members which we feel is a wonderful read. It is the poetry penned by our members and their willingness to share that is the core of our community. If you enjoyed reading this poem we can guarantee there will be many more like it so be sure to stop by next week and read the poem that has been selected for your reading pleasure.

This week's poem was selected by Pamela Sayers who writes poems at Words and Thoughts.
and prepared for posting by Mary Kling, author of the blog In the Corner of My Eye.  We hope you enjoy the poem.


  1. Beautiful poem! I enjoyed it very much.

    (I wanted to visit Jenne's site but none of the links appear to be 'live'? I thought I had better let you know.) :-)

  2. I love this piece... the vivid images, flowing language... the ending is just heavenly (no pun intended).

  3. This might be one of the most beautiful poems I have read this week. Thanks, kids, for bringing it to our attention. I must investigate this poet further. This is a lovely lovely poem - and event - thank you so much!!!!!!!

  4. Jenne does take you right into the scene. It's one of the prettiest poems I've read recently.


  5. Susannah, just now I tested all links again; and they worked. So I don't understand why they didn't work for you.

  6. Jenn,

    So nice to discover your poetry, through Poets United.
    Foals at Dawn, is 'a living experience', through your words.

  7. This is beautiful. It begs to be re-read, and it leaves the reader with a peaceful, wonderful, reflective feeling.

  8. Hi Mary, Very strange! the links in this post are still not 'live' for me? But they are in the post above (life of a poet interview.)

    I don't understand what is happening, but as long as everyone else can access them then that is okay. :-)

    Thanks very much for looking into it for me. I appreciate it. x