Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Poem of the Week - The Next Level (21 June, 2011)

Poets United is all about Community.  We wish to celebrate and acknowledge individual poets who are part of our group.  This week's poem of the week  is   The Next Level...which is written by  Eileen O'Neill, a poet from Cheshire, England, UK, who writes poetry on a variety of topics.  Eileen has been a long time member of Poets United, a great participant, and a wonderful supporter of fellow poets.

The Next Level... can be found at

The Next Level....

I want to live my life on the next level,
To take it to the very top.
I want to bend and almost break the rules,
Just for the thrill of it.
I want to sing another song,
Forgetting about those lonesome blues.
I want to maximize my potential,
Underutilized for far too long.
I want to see and feel life,
Rather than wait longingly for it to visit me.
I want to entertain those unknown pleasures,
Which were always for someone else.
I want what I never knew existed,
Because, now I have met myself.

Thanks, Eileen, for being an active participant in Poets United.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this week’s selection. Each week we select a poem from one of our members which we feel is a wonderful read. It is the poetry penned by our members and their willingness to share that is the core of our community. If you enjoyed reading this poem we can guarantee there will be many more like it so be sure to stop by next week and read the poem that has been selected for your reading pleasure.

By Mary Kling, author of the blog In the Corner of My Eye


  1. love it, eileen! may i join you?

  2. This is probably my favorite "Eileen Piece." Thank you for highlighting it, Mary, and for showing us a little more of the Eileen-wonder!

  3. Yes Eileen! Let's not plateau!

    Congrats for having your poem highlighted as Poem of the Week.

  4. Great work Eileen. Love your poetry. Congratulations on poem of the week.

  5. Eileen, I have felt this same way! EXACTLY! Sing that song, Sister-Woman, sing it loud and with joy. Sing it to your new grandbaby!!!!! Mary, you definitely picked the poem of the week! Thank you, both!

  6. Eileeen, this poem is amazing and a joy to read.

  7. I want to live my life on the next level!
    what a strong words to motivate the reader...
    i feel the spirit... :)

  8. I always enjoy reading Eileen's blog, and I remember this poem b/c I love it so much. I know how it feels to finally meet yourself.

  9. Mary and Poets United,

    This has come as a most wonderful surprise to me.
    I was unaware of this great acolade.
    Thank you so much indeed for featuring my poem The Next Level, as Poem of the Week.
    I must also make mention of the support which I receive each week from so many fellow poets and writers, here at Poets United.
    It is truly a Community venture with a wonderful spirit.
    All very much appreciated.
    Thank you Mary.

  10. Meeting yourself - what writing is all about! A great poem, I loved it

  11. A lovely poem, Eileen. Well done on being selected for poem of the week.

    I always enjoy visiting your blog and reading your poetry. :-)

  12. Eileen, this was so clever; I loved it~ So many images came into my mind's eye~ I am cheering for YOU!xXx

  13. Standing Ovation for Eileen. Each poem penned a higher branch. Sing away!

  14. Poets United Friends,

    Thank you all for your very kind comments.

    Very much appreciated,

  15. Congratulations on having the Poem of The Week, Eileen...a great choice, Mary!

    Were I as clever as you, Eileen, this is exactly the poem I would have written! You've spoken for so many of us who are finally unfurling our wings after years of keeping them sedately tucked about us. Let's all fly as high as we can, so that even the sky can't hold us in...:)