Monday, July 11, 2011

Blog of the Week - The Poet's Quill (11 July, 2011)

At Poets United we are all about our community. so please take the time support your fellow poets by visiting our Blog of the Week.

This week our blog of the week is

                                                              The Poet's Quill

by  Mike Patrick, who is a retired police officer who resides outside St. Louis, Missouri, USA.  After 37 years as a 'cop,' he enjoys writing something other than police reports.

Some poems we would like to highlight this week from Mike's blog are:

This Day Found Me

Birthday Soliloquy

Thanks, Mike, for being part of our community!  We appreciate you and your contributions and your participation..

Every week Poets United tries to introduce our members and readers to a poet and poetry blog found  in our community.  Poets United is about reading, writing, and enjoying one another’s poetry; and this is just one more way to show our support for one another. We would love to hear your comments on this poet’s blog and poetry; so please come back after visiting the blog of the week and let us know your thoughts.  I am sure the poet would also like to read comments on his poems.

We hope you enjoy visiting the highlighted blogs each week. Thank you for supporting your fellow poets with positive comments.  You may soon see your blog highlighted here.

Mary Kling (who hangs out at  In the Corner of My Eye) for Poets United.


  1. Mike and his blog has been such an inspiration to me. His writing and great comments have introduced a new color pallet for my words. Thank you for highlighting this wonderful poet.

    California Ink in Motion

  2. Great choice, Mary! I have enjoyed Mike's writing since I first read it.

  3. The man, whose writing runs on too far, finds himself without words. I am deeply honored. Thank you.

  4. I do hope others will enjoy Mike's work as much as I do!

  5. Yeah, Mike! I always enjoy visiting his blog. He is a source of inspiration and support.

  6. I've been catching up, so when I saw that Mary had posted a note to Mike about Wordle 11 at The Sunday Whirl, I had to come here and see what was up. So glad to see Mike's blog recognized. He is a fine poet, an exceptional human being, and a strong supporter of poetry. I always enjoy reading his poems, and I appreciate the thoughtful comments he leaves on mine.


  7. Oh my! I don't know how I missed this! A well-deserved honor for my "big brother" Mike!! Way to go!! :)