Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Poem of the Week - Work of Art (19 July, 2011)

Poets United is all about Community.  We wish to celebrate and acknowledge individual poets who are part of our group.  This week's poem of the week  is Work of Art which is written by  Hedgewitch,  a poet from Oklahoma, USA, who writes poetry on  Verse Escape .

Work of Art  can be found within her blog:

Work of Art

I hung myself, quite a piece
of work, in the museum
a long time ago. Like
most serious art,
I aged well.

You’d changed so much
the guard had to look twice to
let  you in, with that
light frost of dust
on your smile.

I gazed at you gazing at me
from my frame, then blinked,
reflecting the abundance
I thought I saw
in your eyes.

Easy as time passing I could
see my desire tapestried,
digitally enhanced, imposed on
what’s plain, from behind
shuttered glass.

The closing bell rang.
To my surprise you
turned away your grey
glazed eyes, and never
came back.

Impossible as time stopping to see
the truth with eyes widest,
when two silvery rippled
accommodating mirrors
hang face to face.

You knew, it seems,
the only way
to foil a mirror
is to turn off
the light.

We'd like to thank Pamela Sayers, fellow Poets United member and prolific  blogger at Words and Thoughts,  for suggesting this poem..

We hope you have enjoyed reading this week’s selection. Each week we select a poem from one of our members which we feel is a wonderful read. It is the poetry penned by our members and their willingness to share that is the core of our community. If you enjoyed reading this poem we can guarantee there will be many more like it so be sure to stop by next week and read the poem that has been selected for your reading pleasure.

We hope that each of you will spend a bit of time each day reading some of the terrific poetry written by our poets.  It's all about community!

For Poets United, by Mary Kling, author of the blog In the Corner of My Eye.


  1. What a beautiful poem...I loved the viewpoint from which it was written!

  2. Had to laugh at this idea- I really am in a local museum! But only my recorded voice for one of their 'living history ' projects!

  3. Great poem and worth highlighting! Congratulations

  4. Thanks so much for featuring this poem, and to those who have visited my blog and left comments. many of you i know from other venues, but I need to participate more here and meet the rest of you. Thanks again. I will brag about this at my place. ;-)

  5. "You knew, it seems,
    the only way
    to foil a mirror
    is to turn off
    the light." Powerful words.

  6. This is a FANTASTIC poem, with a highly original concept. Great pick, Pamela and Mary. I follow Hedgewitch but somehow missed this one.

  7. Hedgewitch is, in my opinion, simply the most talented poet blogging today.

  8. Congrats; this was amazing~

  9. Ancient and modern reflection -great.