Monday, August 29, 2011

Blog of the Week - Jae Rose (29 August, 2011)

Poets United believes in supporting our community.  Each week we recognize a Blog of the Week.  This week we would like to highlight the blog by Jae Rose, a poet from the UK.

Her blog is entitled simply:

However, don't let the simplicity of the title and its style let you think you will read simple poems at her site.  Far from it!  Her poems are filled with depth and complexity, are written in her own unique style.  I would like to highlight a few of them for you this week.  Take time to savor them, as they are not 'easy' reads.

Dolly's Head

Screen Face

When the TV Died

Blue Coat

Thank you, Jae Rose,  for being part of our community and for your avid participation!  It is through our participation and sharing with one another that we all enrich Poets United and get to know one another.

Stay tuned.  Maybe next week your blog will be Blog of the Week.

Posted for Poets United by Mary Kling, who can be found at In the Corner of My Eye.


  1. Yes! Jae is a wonderful writer! Thank you so much for the post! I love this writer! She is unique in her point of view and manner. An authentic voice!
    She is what the world is waiting for!!!!

  2. Thrilled you highlighted Jae's blog, Mary. Her writing is complex, intricately woven and provocative. She is one of my top reads each week because I know I will learn something, admire a brilliant bit of writing and connect with a gifted artist.

  3. Hi Jae Rose, I do hope many people check out your blog. Kim and Annell, you are right that Jae Rose is a wonderful writer. I absolutely love your unique style, Jae Rose.

  4. Thank you Mary..Annell kindly pointed out today today that I am Blog of the week..I appreciate your recommendation..the page style is simple due lack of technical skill! Kindly..Jae

  5. Good to see jaerose featured, I have been a long time fan of her writing. :-)

  6. I, too, am a fan of Jae Rose. She really makes one think!!

  7. Jae Rose is one of the most intriguing poets on the scene. Her self-inflicted hurts, her healings, her dancing on the ceilings, her soul chemical peelings... All are from a complicated, beautiful soul. Forget what the page looks like! I've seen gorgeous blogs that are vacuous; on the other hand, hers is a simply presented page of THINK LISTEN FEEL. So glad you spotlighted my friend! Amy