Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Poem of the Week - Golden Dog (16 August 2011)

Poets United is all about community. Each week we choose a poem of the week from one of our members. This week's poem of the week is Golden Dog, and it  can be found in the blog  Source of Inspiration by Pat Cegan.

Pat lives in an ecological project called Santa Branca in Central Brazil  It contains miles of restored forests, ecotourism and eccovillage and various environmental projects.  She has been a volunteer from the US there for seven years.  In her blog, she also has some beautiful photographs taken in her area.

With no further adieu, here is Golden Dog, a poem that many of us who love animals can undoubtedly relate to.

Golden Dog

He watches me,
holds my gaze
for long periods of
time, transmitting
from the astral. I
feel engulfed as
I merge with him,
becoming one with
him, yet still
retaining my essence.
Animals are our guides.
How foolish we are to feel
superior to them. Humble
yourself so that you may
receive the wisdom, the
knowing that they so
generously give.

Thanks, Pat, for being part of our communnity. 

We hope all of  you enjoyed this poem and perhaps will spend a little time exploring other poems in Pat's blog.  Who knows, a poem from your blog may be selected next week.

This poem was chosen for Poets United by Mary Kling who blogs at In the Corner of My Eye.


  1. Glad you've highlighted Pat. Her perspective and interesting life, combined with her talent and enthusiasm make for lots of thought-provoking poems. Great choice, as always, Mary!

  2. Hello.
    I've visited Pat several times. I find her poems most uplifting. She's a beautiful spirit.
    As a former owner of two dogs, I can totally relate to this poem.

    Excellent choice, Mary!

    Congratulations, Pat!

  3. Oh Mary, thanks for drawing my attention to this wonderful poet. I now will go check out her site - her story really lifts my heart! Beautiful poem, Pat. I'm coming to read more:)

  4. Pat has written it beautifully !!!
    It clearly shows the love for pets :)

  5. Love this poem. I feel the same way about animals, although, they do have their really wild moments.

  6. It really was fun to explore Pat's blog. An interesting poet, a fascinating life.

  7. Yes, such an interesting life and I have a golden dog myself. I love the creatures of the world.

  8. A perfect poem about a perfect animal...