Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Poem of the Week - Dear Me (27 September, 2011)

The poem of the week this week is by Shanyn Silinski who blogs at Sunflower Poetry.

The poem is Dear Me

Dear Me,
I think you should know,
it wasn’t your fault.
You didn’t do one thing wrong.
Wasn’t asked for,
wasn’t earned.
You were just a kid, you know?
No one listened, no one heard you.
Their silence said yes,
Your tears stained face cried NO.

Dear Me,
It’s not easy being here now,
knowing what we know.
That they could have, should have
done something, anything…but
they chose nothing.
You aren’t to blame, they lied.

Dear Me,
We are okay now, ya know?
They cannot hurt us,
they cannot blame us.
We know the road to freedom.
We have a voice to shout,
and we do.

Dear Me,
I love you, ya know?
Scars and rough spots.
Places that always seem sore,
that ache that doesn’t fade.
I love it all because, you and me
we survived. We are alive.

Dear Me,
Want to meet me by the pond?
We’ll skinny dip or dig in the sand.
want to meet me in the hammock?
We can read a book or have a nap.
It is our time now.
Let’s go play like the kids

Shanyn, thank you for being part of Poets United.  We definitely enjoy your work and am glad for your participation.

We hope that you all enjoy this poem of Shanyn's and also spend some time exploring her blog.  Poets United is about community; and it is good to support one another however we can.

Posted to Poets United by Mary Kling who posts poetry almost daily at In the Corner of My Eye.


  1. This is one intense piece of writing. Moving, honest, completely accessible and lyric in its own way. A good write. Thank you, Mary. Now I must go visit Shanyn!

  2. I feel this. I don't think I was young when i was little, either. I sometimes think I started old and have gotten younger as time goes on.

    Randomly...I think Peter Ustinov's autobiography was titled "Dear Me."

  3. Fantastic pick, Mary. Shanyn, you wrote it strong and you wrote it true. And more than surviving, you thrive! Keep shining and keep writing these wonderful poems.

  4. Mary - thank you for choosing my poem.

    Kim - thanks for your words.

    Fireblossom - it's fun to grow younger as we age, soemtimes :-) and thanks for the random.

    Sherry - Thanks for the encouragement! It has been a long drought but I think the rains are falling and the poems keep coming!

  5. Wow, that's a heck of a poem! I'm certainly going to explore more of her work.