Monday, October 31, 2011

Blog of the Week - Dave King (31 October, 2011)

This week I am proud to highlight Dave King's blog Pics and Poems as the Poets United Blog of the Week.  I have long followed Dave's work and find him to be very creative and to write unique poetry in a wide variety of styles on a wide variety of subjects.  He often looks at subjects very intricately.  I think he has a scientist's mind with a poet's heart.  One never knows what will find when one spends time with Dave, who lives in Surrey, England, UK.  I sometimes think, "What a mind!"

There are many poems of Dave that are worthy of highlighting.  I have selected only a few.  I hope you will enjoy them, as I have, and also look around at his blog, where you will find many gems.

Love Song -  a very recent poem of Dave's.  Do you yearn for 'castles in the air'?  I found this poem very touching.

The Value of a Gift -  this poem was very thought-provoking, and it inspired a wonderful discussion.  How would you weigh in on the value of a gift?
Little King - I will say this was just plain fun, as Dave responded to a Magpie Tales prompt. Dave really has a sense of humor.

Parkinson's - This was a very moving poem, for anyone who has known anyone who was affected with Parkinson's, as I have been.

I think if you read the above poems, you will get a good sense of the diversity of this poet.  Dave, thanks for being part of Poets United.

Posted for Poets United by Mary Kling who spends time blogging at In the Corner of My Eye when not hanging out at Poets United!


  1. Mary,

    As usual you have selected a most wonderful poet for this week's Blog of The Week.
    Dave is absolutely wonderful and can seemingly 'turn his mind' to write about anything at all, with great ease, wit and generous helpings of wisdom.
    I am so pleased to have encountered his poems and his personality, via Poets United.
    Thank you Mary and many well deserved congratulations Dave.
    Best wishes, Eileen

  2. I thoroughly agree. He is an excellent poet ... one of the first whom I ran across upon the Internet. Thank you

  3. 'What a mind' ... I've thought that too, a wonderful poet and writer!

  4. I feel rather overwhelmed by this honour, but my sincere thanks go to all at Poets United for featuring my blog, certainly, but even more for the support they give to me and to all poets.

  5. His poems are great at blending story and poetry. That makes them fun to read.

  6. I love going to Dave King's blog and reading his poetry. He is so unique and simply a wonderful poet.

  7. Great pick; Congrats Dave! I love how he can write about anything~

  8. Another choice pick Mary.

    Dave is a thinker's poet and always a treat to read. He's also a very supportive friend.

    Best wishes Dave.