Monday, October 17, 2011

Blog of the Week - Dennis Go (17 October, 2011)

It is Monday again and time for another Poets United Blog of the Week.  This week we are featuring Deeper Linings, the blog of Dennis Go, a talented and prolific poet who lives in Manila, Phillipines.

Dennis lives in Manila, Philippines.  He is a regular and frequent participator here in Poets United.  His work is often shared at Sunday's Poetry Potluck. 

Here are a few poems written by Dennis:

A Path

I Place My Hand


I am positive you will enjoy the above poems by Dennis as much as I did as well as other poems on his poetry blog.  Please take a look, and come back here and leave a comment and/or show your appreciation in his  blog.  We all like to be recognized.

Poets United is about community and supporting each other's work.  Thank you, Dennis, for being part of this community.

Written for Poets United by Mary Kling who can be found daily at In the Corner of Her Eye.


  1. Great pick, Mary. Thanks for shining a little light Dennis's way. Dennis, so good to have you at Poets United! I enjoy your work.

  2. Wow! Thanks for having again this great honor! Thanks Mary! Thanks Sherry!