Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Poem of the Week - Occupation-less (4 October, 2011)

Today we are featuring a Poem of the Week by Janet Martin who blogs at Another Porch.  We hope that you will enjoy it.


I’ve never really done anything,
She stammers, beneath the shrewd gaze of a peer
waiting with pen poised.
That is, nothing worth mentioning, really.
I’ve read stories, wiped grubby, chubby hands. I’ve kissed tears.
I’ve rocked little girls and boys to sleep,
and picked up an ocean of toys.
I’ve mended clothes and sometimes even a tender heart or two,
But I can’t think of anything worth mentioning to you...
-as the peer awaited an explanation for a title
to post beside ‘Occupation’.
I’m not sure what to say other
Than, I am a mother.
A stay-at-home mom some call it,
…and I suppose it is a cool name
For the one who attends every hockey game,
dentist appointment,
school recital,
Christmas play,
shopping trip,
rides to and from friends,
teacher meeting,
The list in detail never really ends…
A name for the laundress, the gardener, the baker,
The cleaning lady, florist and bed-maker,
The cook, the nurse,the seamstress, the tutor and teacher too,
The artist to point out rare shades of green and blue
Or the red beginning to frost the autumn maple tree…
But it’s nothing to put on a resume`…
Now if you will kindly excuse me,
There’s laundry to be done,
At three ‘o clock I must pick up my son.
And the salsa I mixed up last night still needs to be boiled.
I should can it today before it is spoiled.
I wish I could tell you in a word or two
Exactly what it is that I do
But it seems I cannot think of any other
Title, besides the word…mother.

I am sure there are some mothers here who find themselves nodding as they read Janet's poem. Or perhaps you have had a mother who fits this description.

Thanks, Janet for being part of the Poets United Community and your active participation, which has enabled us to get to know you.

We hope you have enjoyed this poem. Look for another Poem of the Week next Tuesday

Posted for Poets United by Mary Kling who can be found at In the Corner of My Eye when she is not hanging around Poets United.


  1. I was just coming over to see what the 'midnight snack' was because our internet did not work last night...and I see this!
    Thank-you so very much for your all your wonderful encouragement! I have enjoyed 'meeting' so many wonderful talented poets through Poet's United, and look forward to getting to know many more through the most beautiful and profound language in the world- poetry!
    Thank-you again and God bless,

  2. Ah, what a perfectly captured moment, and yes it definitely does speak to me as a mother! I just stumbled across 'Poets United' today, and it was a lovely introduction to it :-)

  3. A lovely descriptor of a poem...

  4. Oh yes, this is the job of mother - myriad tasks that never stop. Fantastic poem, I loved every word.