Monday, October 10, 2011

Blog of the Week - Donald Harbour Poetry (10/10/2011)

This week's blog of the week is Donald Harbour Poetry.  Donald comes from Arkansas, USA; and if you would like to know any more about him, check out his "about" age on his very interesting blog.

I am going to suggest a few poems as an introduction to Donald's poetry; but they are only suggestions. Within the pages of his blog are many gems.

Votary of Mother Nature

A Child's Memory

What Would You Give

Thank you, Donald, for being part of Poets United.  Your poetry is appreciated and enjoyed.

We hope many of you who read Donald's poetry will make a comment below and/or in Donald's blog.  Take a look around in Donald's blog while you are there.  It was hard to choose which poems to feature here.

We have so many talented people at Poets United.  We hope you will visit many of them during the week.

Written for Poets United by Mary Kling, who can be found at In the Corner of the Eye most days, most nights.


  1. Thank you, Mary!!! My browsing, reading and writing time have been greatly curtailed lately, and I've not been to Donald's blog. He is a talent! His space is visually beautiful and his words are lyrical. I've added him to my reader.

  2. Mary, this is a delightful surprise. Thank you for the recognition. I am glad that my writing has brought you pleasure.

  3. Donald, your work is wonderful; and I hope others check your blog. Kim, I have added Donald to my "Reader" too.

  4. I've been enjoying Donald's poetry for a couple of years now on his blog and in online zines. He is truly gifted.