Monday, November 14, 2011

Blog of the Week - Annell Livingston (14 November, 2011)

This week's Blog of the week is Annell Annell: Words of a Painter, a blog by Annell Livingston, a painter and artist from Taos, New Mexico, who is also an artist with words.  Sometimes it seems the two go hand in hand.  Her blog style may be simple, but her poetry is depthful and  complex!

These are a few poems to give you the flavor of Annell's blog, but don't stop here.  There are gems posted most every day.

Poem With Numbers

A Stone


If you wish to know more about Annell, who has been an artist for about 5 decades, follow this link:  Annell Livingston: Biography.   I think you will find it interesting to learn about the person between the art and the poetry.

Thank you, Annell, for being part of the Poets United community.

I do hope many of you will take a look at Annell's blog and then return here and share some words with her.   We all enjoy recognition and response from our poetic peers.

Written for Poets United by Mary who is trying to write daily at In the Corner of My Eye.


  1. Mary, thank-you for spot-lighting this very gifted artist!
    Thank-you Annell, for blessing us by sharing your gifts.

  2. Mary,

    A wonderful choice for Blog Of the Week.
    I love both Annell's words and vivid painting styles.
    Congratulations Annell.


  3. Thank you Mary, what a wonderful birthday gift you have given me. It is timely and very special. Your words are very supportive!

  4. Wow, Annell, I didn't know it was your birthday. Happy Birthday to you!

  5. oh loved it so ... and happy birthday Annell

  6. Yay, Annell!!!!! So lovely to see you featured here. Have a wonderful birthday. Thanks for all of the wonderful reading and visual beauty that your site provides us with. Always a joy.

    Mary, great pick. And thanks for directing us to the biography. Somehow or other, I seem to have missed that and will enjoy getting the "backstory"!! What a fantastic community this is. All of you have changed my life for the better!