Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Poem of the Week - An Eye for An Eye (1 November, 2011)

Poets United is about community, and it is always interesting to discover and/or highlight a poem of another fine poet on Tuesday.  This week the poem of the week has been written by  Vivienne Blake (do I have that spelled right, Viv?) who goes by the name Vivinfrance.  She lives in Normandy, France, and she writes a most interesting blog.

Let's take a look at her poem An Eye for an Eye.  I chose this one because I really liked it, but there were so many that I could have chosen.

An Eye for an Eye

An eye for an eye is a nasty idea –
escalation of evil always follows.

To turn the other cheek is an improvement,
though not perfect in many ways:

weakness is often met with aggression.
You gasp, as it takes strength to stay mute.

But respond with a kindness – a viable proposition -
arouse his remorse and change his heart.

The poem has a good message, don't you think.    Thanks, Viv, for being a part of our community, and for sharing your poetry with us

If you've enjoyed this poem, I hope you will all look around at other poems in Viv's blog.

Posted for Poets United by  Mary Kling who blogs at In the Corner of My Eye.


  1. Mary, I am astonished! It's true that poem was written from the heart, as was today's anti-war poem, but you do me too much honour! Thank you, all the same.

  2. Yes, a very good message! Ad I like the uncompromising language.

  3. This is a wonderful message and I like having a third choice. This poem reminds me how many evil people have quoted the eye for an eye.

  4. Wow, Viv, great message and thanks for the wonderful pick, Mary. I needed the lift in this poem today! Thank you both.

  5. Good to see Viv featured here, I always enjoy my visits to her blog. :-)

  6. Nice to see Viv's work here! I love her style and need to visit her more often~ Well Done