Monday, October 11, 2010

Poetry Blog of the Week - (11 October 2010) Rinkly Rimes

By Mary Kling

Brenda Bryant is a poet whose poems have their own particular style, and her work cannot be mistaken by that of anyone else. If you visit her blog, Rinkly Rimes, you will see what I mean. She definitely has a gift with rhymes of all varieties. Many humorous, some children's poetry, and some serious as well. In my opinion, few people can write poetry that rhymes as well as Brenda can.

Brenda has had an interesting life. If you read her "About Me" you will find that she was born in England in 1931 She evacuated in World War II. She became a teacher, taught in London, then moved to Zimbabwe, married her husband in Capetown, South Africa. She has lived in Australia since 1974. Her life experiences have definitely impacted her poetry, as she has a world view and her ideas cover a broad array of topics.

Brenda, who has been blogging since 2008, is a prolific writer. She has a large body of work on her blog, since she writes at least three poems a day. One can usually find her name somewhere near the top of the blogroll for Poets United.

I hope you will explore Brenda's vast array of poems on your own, but here are a few to start with if you want a few suggestions:

Here is an example of one of many of Brenda's humorous poems:
Comfort Zone

And this very recent one is on a more serious topic:

This is a personal favorite:
Spell Bound

Brenda is a poet to visit daily. Her work never fails to surprise and delight!

(This post was written by Mary Kling. If you would like to read more of Mary's writing or poetry be sure to visit her blog "In the Corner of My Eye".  Mary is a poet and writer who has been a wonderful supporter of Poets United since its start.  We would like to thank her for all of her hard work.)


  1. Brenda, What an interesting history you have! I envy you having lived in South Africa, and now Australia - two beautiful countries! Nice to see you featured here. I enjoyed checking out your blog a little better.

  2. Thanks, Mary, for choosing Brenda's blog today. Her site is always a marvel of entertainment, wit and human interest.

  3. Brenda (Rinkly) here! What a thrill!Thank you so much!

  4. Brenda you are truly amazing...just love your blog, and wonderful way with words! So glad you are featured here today! :-)