Monday, January 3, 2011

Poetry Blog of the Week - (3 January 2011) Sometimes I Think About

Selected and written by Mary Kling

Some Things I Think About

Annell Livingston is a painter with brush as well as a painter with words who lives in New Mexico and writes from her heart as well as from her experiences. We hope you will pay a visit her blog, Some Things I Think About, where you will see some of her paintings alongside her poetry. We think you will enjoy both.

Annell is a very active poet who participates in many online poetry communities. As we looked through her poetry, we were strongly struck by the diversity of subjects she writes about. Nature seems to be a favorite, which is no surprise, as she lives in a most beautiful area. As an example, here is Annell's poem "Christmas Eve Taos Pueblo December 25, 2010" which really gives a picture of the Taos area in which she lives. Here is an excerpt:

The mountain raises above,
The Mother of the valley,
Sacred Madra,
The clouds drop to the tops of the adobe structures
Stacked one upon another,
Like children's building blocks,
Made of mud, smoothed by hand,
Made of heart.

One of our favorite poems of Annell's is "Last Chance for the Dead Artist." It interested us especially because Annell is an artist, but also think that there is no 'last chance' for poets either. We especially liked the ending:

Wait a minute...

I won't be discarded,
I won't be folded up,
Put away in the dark,
Don't close the drawer,
Don't shut the door,
I will not accept,
This chance,
As the last chance!

Many of Annell's poems are deep, thought-provoking, and philosophical, such as "Looking for Soul." Here is an excerpt, which we hope will inspire you to take a look at the entire poem.

I am looking for the soul,

I stand on this earth,
Rooted in my soul,
I seek it everyday,
And yet I can not answer,
The questions I pose to myself.

We hope we have whetted your interest in this fine poet. Annell is on our list of poets to visit regularly and we always enjoy her fresh perspective and unique outlook.

(This post was written by Mary. If you would like to read more of Mary's writing or poetry be sure to visit her blog "In the Corner of My Eye".  Mary is a poet and writer who has been a wonderful supporter of Poets United since its start.  We would like to thank her for all of her hard work.)


  1. For the second time, on the morning of January 3, I am totally startled! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your kindness overwhelms me!

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  3. So pleased for you Annell, I've been visiting your blog for a while and I love it, both the words that you make the photos of your surroundings. So glad to see you here, your time has come. Are you wearing those red shoes today?


  4. A beautiful blog, and very deserving of its place as Poetry Blog of the Week.

  5. Hooray for Annell getting a moment in the spotlight! Deserves, deserves, deserves it!

  6. Just checked out your wonderful blog! You will keep me coming back with all those great words and photographs :)

  7. Annelle, so nice to see the spotlight turned on you. I have been so enjoying your poetry - and the photos of your lovely part of the world. Looking forward to more great reading on your site in the coming year!

  8. Congrat's to Annell well deserved...bkm

  9. Annell, what talent indeed! Keep writing AND painting!

  10. Annell I just love your blog and beautiful words....glad you are featured here....:-)