Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Poem of the Week - for you (22 August, 2011)

This week's Poem of the week is by Mario Cerroni who posts at PhotoDiction.

Mario. who lives in Ontario, Canada, is not only a gifted poet, but also a gifted photographer.  His poems and pictures work well together.  I often find that poets  are creative in other ways as well.  Mario is one of those people.

The poem of Mario's I am featuring is called    for you.  You can read it below or follow the link and see the poem as well as the photograph that accompanies it.

for you

the market place is selling memories
on tables lined with faded lace

and on each table the remnants lay
of dreams you might have chased

oh you relics that are cast aside
your purpose long fulfilled

displayed among the tables there
you're hoping for new love to build

yet most will pass so unaware
of your treasures lying dormant

moving by with too short stares
adding to your cruel torment

as you strain to demonstrate
you've lots to give to someone new

in a world you could create
in a life you could renew

like lovers that you've had before
in your youth that's never more

with its never ending serenade
you strain to halt the memories fade

and while the song is getting old
there are stories to still unfold

and though the melody
is lost to all

you still hear the music

and you would gladly
heed its call

Thank you, Mario, for being part of our community.  We always enjoy your work when you share it on Sunday's Poetry Pantry!

Hope some of you will take a look at Mario's poem and his blog.  It is well worth visiting.  Next week we will feature another poem of the week. It may be one of yours.

Mary Kling (who blogs at In the Corner of My Eye) for Poets United.


  1. Mario is one of my favs! His photography sparks some of the most heartfelt poetry I read over the course of a week. So glad you featured him, Mary.

  2. This was a wonderful write... love his depth.

  3. I've lived this poem. Very well written...

  4. Wow - I'm honored to be featured. Thanks everyone. And special thanks to Mary and to Poets United for all the support they give to me and to the community of poets that frequent the inspirational haven that exists here.

  5. Wow, I loved this one, Mario. I have been enjoying your pantry posts very much, and must come and check out your photography. And a fellow Canuck, whu-hoo! Thanks, Mary, for featuring Mario.

  6. It was worth going to the blog and seeing the picture too. Memories indeed, of the nicest kind.