Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Poem of the Week - Unimmortal (9 August, 2011)

Poets United is all about Community.  We wish to celebrate and acknowledge individual poets who are part of our group.  This week's poem of the week  is Unimmortal which is written by  Ostensible Truth,  a poet who describes himself as  a "surrealist writer who writes about this, that and anything, normally from behind a rain-drizzled window with a coffee and cigarette in hand...  "  His blog is Ostensible Truth.

Unimmortal  can be found in the blog -----


It’s only sometimes
That I forget I’m not immortal;
When bodies break and bone-ruins betray the secrets
Carved into their under-marrow,
Or when paper skin drips in the rain,
Ink collecting around the golden gutter
I throw my poems into,
To force-feed the earth words
That have died a hundred times
On flag headed spikes,
As clouds headbutt each other
Atop a smoke-angel skyline
And baby-death rocks in an alcove under the stairs.
We crumble a little, day by day,
Human sandcastles
Abandoned a little too close to sea;
My grains plucked by a mockingbird
That I shot for pecking at my back
And blowing funeral hymns
Up and down my spine
In heretical hysteria.
I hear it’s bad luck,
So I shot it twice and wear its feathers as a hat,
Only now it sits undying on my shoulder
Cavorting with the jade dragon that chokes me
When I’m not looking
And hangs treacherously from the underbelly of the moon.
We live immortal... until we’re not,
Immortal in the moment,
Eternally wedged
Somewhere between a spider rock and metal thumb,
So I’ll take my solipsism on a tombstone plate,
With epitaph desserts,
And I’ll discredit death until it finds me
With its two-headed gargoyle and spotlight eyes.
I’ll breathe selfishly in the night
And mellowly dream my way to death,
Until I forget how to inhale and have to burn myself to sleep,
Like that suicidal star,
The one that sheds its ghost on water
And ricochets across the astral charts
To find a god to die in.
It’s only sometimes that I remember

We hope you have enjoyed reading this week’s selection. Each week we select a poem from one of our members which we feel is a wonderful read. It is the poetry penned by our members and their willingness to share that is the core of our community. If you enjoyed reading this poem we can guarantee there will be many more like it so be sure to stop by next week and read the poem that has been selected for your reading pleasure.

We hope that each of you will spend a bit of time each day reading some of the terrific poetry written by our poets and enjoying our community.

For Poets United, by Mary Kling, author of the blog In the Corner of My Eye.


  1. Congratulations OT! This poem completely rocks, great work!

    "We live immortal... until we’re not,
    Immortal in the moment,
    Eternally wedged
    Somewhere between a spider rock and metal thumb"

  2. OT is one of my greatest on-line friends, and an amazing poet. I'm really proud of him right now. Wonderful choice for poem of the week, Mary.

  3. The poem is very, very powerful because it is so true.

  4. thank you Mary!! very kind :) full poem is on the blog! :)

  5. When I was young, I remember feeling immortal; however, I did not have this level of awareness. The mockingbird, a perfect choice of carrion. OT, never met you until now, and going to your blog ASAP. Amazing work, etched in marble.
    Amy Barlow Liberatore

  6. Stumbled on OT accidentally last year and was blown away ... am blown away again and will fly my dark angel's wings over to the blog right now to see what I've been missing ... good choice, truly