About Poets United

Poets United is a community for poets who blog. Our purpose is to unite the poets from all walks of life who are found in the blogosphere. Our goal is to provide an active and supportive community. We each write poetry for our own personal reasons, but if you are here, one of those reasons is to share your writing with others.

As many poets also like to tell stories in prose – whether fiction or 'creative' non-fiction – we also have a couple of opportunities per month for (very short examples of) that form of expression.

Below you will see just a small sampling of what goes on here at Poets United. We are all about our members and the community.

Mary is on duty all the time as our Editor in Chief, who monitors everything behind the scenes, keeps our blog roll up-to-date, and offers guidance and practical assistance when needed.

Sunday – On every Sunday except the first one of the month, either Sherry Blue Sky or Mary hosts Poetry Pantry (an Open Link experience). The Pantry will go live every Sunday at 1 a.m. Central Time.  It’s a day or two for our members and those just passing through to share their poetry with this community. We just ask that you visit others as they visit you rather than "link and run." The Mr. Linky for Poetry Pantry will close Monday at 12 p.m. (blog time). However, you are still able to comment on the poems that have been linked.

On the first Sunday of every month, Magaly Guerrero hosts Telling Tales with Magaly Guerrero: a Pantry of Prose (very short prose of 313 words).

Monday – Sherry Blue Sky will alternate between three different features.  One week it will be the popular Life of a Poet interview series.  Another week it will be a Poem of the Week selected from works of members of Poets United.  A third week it will be a Blog of the Week

Tuesday –  Time to enjoy reading the interview, poem of the week, or blog of the week, and preparing your Midweek Motif. (We try to give you advance notice.)

Wednesday – In Midweek Motif Susan Chast or Sumana Roy offer particular themes or topics to inspire us.

Thursday – More time for posting your Midweek Motif poem, or reading and commenting on others.

Friday –  On the first and fifth Fridays of the month, Rosemary Nissen-Wade is responsible for (in random order of posting) I Wish I'd Written This, a modern or contemporary poem for our community's reading pleasure, often but not always emanating from Australia; The Living Dead, selecting one from a past era, or sometimes a poet more recently deceased; Moonlight Musings, where she reflects on matters poetic and actively invites discussion; and Thought Provokers, poems that invite pondering, and often surprise. Hopefully all of these will spark some wonderful discussions.

On the second Friday of the month Sanaa Rizvi will present Wild Fridays, which will be interactive.

On the third Friday of the month, Magaly Guerrero hosts Moonlight Musings, the Interactive Edition (again very short prose, this time 369 words).

On the fourth Friday of the month, Sherry Blue Sky hosts a special session of I Wish I'd Written This with a particular emphasis on Canadian poets.

Saturday – Time to catch up with the Friday feature and/or plan ahead for what you will share in the Pantry.

Poets United is not a place for advertisement or to blindly beg for followers. This is a place to explore and share the art of poetry. If you are looking to participate in a community with others like you then you have found the right place.  Make yourself at home and please enjoy everything our community has to offer.

The concept of our community is simple. Poets United asks that you support the other members found here in this community by commenting or interacting with them and their blogs.  This community is what you make of it. If you are active and comment often you will most likely find that so are others. If you feel inclined to follow the blogs found here that is all the better for us as Poets United. Do explore our blogroll on the right sidebar.

This community is not meant to be used in a negative manner. We ask that you be respectful of all the people on this site as each individual poet is entitled to their own opinion, style, and path to creativity.

Thank you for your creativity, it is your imagination that fuels the world.