Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Poem of the Week (31 August 2010) - Violence

Selected by Robert Lloyd

This poem can be found at:

We laughed yesterday as we seldom do.
A smile broke through, just a clue
to what the future may hold
for us I don't know. My love for you grows
as my anguish does too. Afraid of you.
I gazed upon the new moon shining
in the warm evening atmosphere waiting for a sound
or a word from you. I do, I do.
We gazed at the stars twinkling just beyond the ebony sky
A black hole in the Universe
eats up souls like a curse. Then there was you...
You in the dark masked with your expression so grim
My knees are week - always trying to climb out of quicksand.
I reached for Venus, but she was not there.
I pleaded to God to see if He cared.
You don't love me - not like I do.
Silence speaks volumes, sea salt upon fresh wounds
Is there a God?
Is there love that exists?
My cuts are just an expression of memories repressed.
Old wounds bandaged up and coming undone
Unraveling, naked before you I stand.
I turned my head when you raised your hand
to violently caress my face falling back into quicksand.




Sunday, August 29, 2010

Welcome Aboard!!

"There are a lot of people who you may only nod to; it's better to stop and say hello."
~ Unkown

16 is the number following 15 and preceding 17.  It is also how many folks joined us as members this week at Poets United.  Another clue taht we are doing something good and its all thanks to our community of wonderful poets. If you are having a lazy Sunday and maybe would like something to do, make sure you stop by our latest members blogs to check out their poetry and give them a warm welcome.

Peggy Goetz @ On a Day Like Today
Cynthia @ Poemflesh
Elizabeth Crawford @ Soul's Music  
The Tired Monk  @ Humbucker Poems
Richí @ Oil Underneath
Sasidharan Cheruvattath @ dream is a vagabond  
Kerry O'Connor @ Skylover
Brenda Bryant @ Rinkly Rimes
Rashmi @ Poems | My world     Journey By Fire @ Fire's Journey
Bhaskar @ Unfelt Emotions      dasuntoucha @ Modernity's Muse

The Poetry Pantry is Now Open - Week #6

The Poetry Pantry

2nd Chance Poems or 1st time shares

Anything goes!! All Poems, all Poets, All Week!!

Do you have a poem you would like to share? Something that you just felt inspired to write and want others to read. Perhaps it’s a poem that didn’t get as much exposure on your blog as you would have liked. Maybe it’s a poem that you wrote a long time ago that you would like people to revisit. That’s what this section of Poets United is for.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pamela Sayers

Pamela Sayers is an English teacher living in Puebla, Mexico, who’s truly passionate about two things: dogs and poetry … in that order. To the average observer, it would be difficult to determine which is the strongest passion for Pamela, although her dogs do seem to demand more attention, until one realizes that Pamela is constantly at her laptop writing, with her four perpetual puppies constantly cuddled around her and her laptop, vying for attention for the ultimate position - her lap.

She currently teaches English to Mexican students both privately and in businesses, while doing a bit of translation work on the side. Who would have thought a girl moving down to Mexico, not knowing a word of Spanish, would be translating the language for a living? She doesn't speak Spanish at home, she watches t.v. in English and her husband speaks English … so there aren't many opportunities to practice. Yet language is such a passion for Pamela that she breezes along, writing her poetry in her new home in Mexico, a place where family and friends are what are important … and, of course, dogs.

If you would like to learn more about Pamela please vist Poetry With Me

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Poets United template will change this weekend. Do not be alarmed.

It was brought to my attention that you all may not be getting the full worth of this site. There seem to be template errors that I have created when messing with the HTML code. I had placed three rows of tabs as options at the top of the Poets United Page and most folks only see one.

Don't Forget About Your Poetry Groups

A better understanding of your groups.

If you are a member of Poets United you have been assigned a poetry group. This happened the day you were entered into our Blogroll. Some folks do not yet even realize they are in a group. To find out which group you belong to please select our Poetry Groups tab above (or click here).

Rosemary Nissen-Wade

Aussie poet Rosemary Nissen-Wade grew up in Launceston on the island of Tasmania. As an adult she lived many years in the city of Melbourne, where she attended university, worked in libraries, married and raised her children, and became active in the poetry scene during the eighties and nineties.

Her work was widely published and broadcast. She became known as a dynamic performance poet (including a stint in a poetry theatre group), an innovative teacher of creative writing at both tertiary and community levels (including a series of prison workshops), and an independent publisher of Australian poetry. Three full-length collections of her own poetry have appeared since 1985. Only one, Secret Leopard (Alyscamps Press, 2005) is still in print. She has since been involved in book collaborations with other poets, and has produced several chapbooks. (See her Amazon and Smashwords pages for details.)

In 1994 she and her third husband, writer Andrew Wade, moved to the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, to a small country town near mountains and rainforest, and not too far from the ocean. It reminds her of the Tasmania she grew up in, but the climate is thankfully much warmer. [Note: Andrew died in 2012 at the age of 83.]

She has now embraced the internet. Her poetry has appeared in online journals and anthologies, and there is a selection at her website. New poems are aired at her poetry blogs, The Passionate Crone and Stones for the River. She also co-administers haiku, tanka and free verse groups on facebook. [Update 2018: The Passionate Crone is now archived. The new poetry blog is Enheduanna's Daughter.]

Since 1992 Rosemary has also worked as a Reiki Master and a professional psychic medium.

She has continued to conduct 'real-life' (i.e. offline) writers' groups in her community, sometimes in a paid but more often a voluntary capacity.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Thursday Think Tank - #12 Water

This photo came from here

"We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one"
~Jacques Cousteau

Water everywhere and not a drop to drink. I don’t know offhand who said this but it’s a pretty eye opening statement. It makes you think. When you read the word water what comes to mind? What do you think of? Is it that Evian is backwards for naïve? Is it the deserts without the water of life? It could possibly be the rain falling from a warm summer sky. I’m sure water makes all of our minds race so we cannot wait to see what “Flows” from your pens and minds this week.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Life of a Poet - Sherry Blue Sky

“I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.” was once uttered by the famous American author Og Mandino. This week we sit down with a writer who I thought this quote was quite befitting of. Sherry Blue Sky, the poetess behind the poetry blog Stardreaming, is our guest and willing interviewee this week and she made sure it was a more than pleasurable exchange.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

carry on tuesday

Every so often Poets United will highlight other great poetry sources, communities or organizations that help to strengthen the foothold of poetry in the blogosphere. By doing this we open up other avenues or chances at creativity for our members and readers. It will not always be a major organization, it can be a small community with a unique twist or addition to the poetry world. If you as a reader stumble across a place you find to be great for the poets gathered here at Poets United please feel free to let us know so that we can possibly share them here.

Today we share with our reader:

carry on tuesday - carry on tuesday is a poetry community centered around the prompts offered to poets by the always thought provoking Keith Hillman. Each week Keith posts either a famous quotation, the opening lines of a book, a song or poem or something else along those lines and invites his friends and fellow writers to “carry on” where the words stop. It is up to you what you choose to do with these words. You may use some of the words or all of them. They can either be at the start of your piece or within the body of your work.

Help Us Establish Activity Standards

Poets United wants to be an active community but at the same time we want to be understanding of our members and the realities of life. We are looking to our members to help us establish a standard of activity for the community. Poets United does not want to be a community or site bogged down with dead or inactive blogs and members. We want to remain a fresh and active participant in the poetry community. We are asking you, our members, friends and contributors, what period of inactivity should warrant removal from our blogroll and groups.

Poem of the Week (24 August 2010) - One Hand & In the Land of

These poems can be found at:

In The Land Of

In the land of baby toads
I must look like a giant.
In the land of crossword puzzles
I must look like an imbecile.
In the land of college students
I must look like an ancient one.
In the land of medications
I must look like an expert.
No matter what the land
I'll only look like the real me
if I enter the land of Diane!

~ Diane T

One Hand

By the way
my mother said
did I tell you that
you only need one
hand to count how
many close friends
you really have?
You may think you
have a lot, but time
will teach you not
to count on all.

I think of Mum
in her nursing home
friendly to everyone
as she always was
whether they be
family, staff or other
visitors. I am so
proud of her, but
by the way
I've always wondered
if she was right.

~ Diane T




Monday, August 23, 2010

Poetry Blog of the Week (23 August, 2010) - Beyond the Bozone

Beyond the Bozone - Brenda Warren shares her life through her poetry. She allows us all an intimate view of her world through her wonderful and sometimes eye opening words. When visiting Beyond the Bozone you are treated to a rare and open look into a world filled with family, heritage and tradition.

Pardon me, but do you have the time?

Do you like to write, explore blogs and want to be supportive of others? If so Poets United could use you. We are looking for a few folks willing to take on small writing tasks. Since we are such a great community we are growing each and every day and this keeping track of this whole place a little more time consuming. In an effort to maintain a consistent standard we are looking to our members to possibly help.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Poetry Pantry Is Now Open - Week #5

What poem written by you should we read. We are excited to see!!

The Poetry Pantry

2nd Chance Poems or 1st time shares

Anything goes!! All Poems, all Poets, All Week!!

Do you have a poem you would like to share? Something that you just felt inspired to write and want others to read. Perhaps it’s a poem that didn’t get as much exposure on your blog as you would have liked. Maybe it’s a poem that you wrote a long time ago that you would like people to revisit. That’s what this section of Poets United is for.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wow!! Introducing....

"Community cannot for long feed on itself; it can only flourish with the coming of others from beyond, their unknown and undiscovered brothers"
~ Howard Thurman

We had a huge jump this past week in our numbers so we have a small treasure trove of poets to introduce you to.  Each one is unique in their poetry as we all are so please give them a warm welcome to Poets United by stopping by their blogs when time permits.  We now stand at 77 amazing and talented poets who make Poets United the wonderful community that it is.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Thursday Think Tank - #11 Pain

“We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.”
~Kenji Miyazawa

The idea or concept of pain can cover a vast field of thoughts and emotions. It can be something as simple as a broken finger nail or something as deeply wounding as a heart ripped from your loving, beating chest. Pain is not always and easy topic to approach but it is a fact of life. All though we’d like the world to be nothing but positive we can’t only discuss the rainbows and unicorns. We must confront pain no matter how simple or hard it is. This week write about whatever pains you. Write about conquering pain. Write about a stubbed toe, a cut or a scar you have had since you were five years old. If all else fail write about the headache that just came on because you tried to think about this prompt.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Poem of the Week (17 August 2010) - Wasteland & On Truman Ave

These poems can be found at:


The furrowed banks are dry and crusted
With the brittle loam of an exhausted soil.
No plough shall probe the once fertile depths,
No humid fruit shall reward the ploughman’s toil.
But a glint of sunlight still gleams upon the plough,
Warm rain still soaks the sterile ground,
And even now in that defiant bed
There blooms a tender passionflower.

~ Donnadies

On Truman Ave

Honduran Lady,
white hot air and the smell of laundry,
white noise of washing
and the hum of your machine.
Every Thursday
the cycle repeats.
Weeklong I pile clothes and quarters high
in anticipation of my return.
Once the spin cycle whirls to an end
I gather my things
and leave.


I couldn't make up my mind which one I liked better so I figured we would get a 2 for 1 this week.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Poetry Blog of the Week (16 August, 2010) - Deadly Butterfly Betrayal

Deadly Butterfly Betrayal - Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “One must be an inventor to read well. There is then creative reading as well as creative writing.” I think there is now a third part to his theories after visiting the blog Deadly Butterfly Betrayal hosted by Riika Infinityy and that would be creative blogging. If you have not had the opportunity to visit Riika’s blog then you are in for a real treat when you do stop by. Her blend of poetry, computer graphics art and music makes this a wonderful place to get lost in. Her musical playlist that accompanies her art and prose is a near perfect blending of sound and heart.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Technical Difficulties – It’s those darn Monkeys again

As the photo included suggests those darn monkeys are at it again.  This morning I was having Mr.  Lynky issues and it seems this afternoon Blogger decided to retro post my groups list.  Now for some reason the groups are all the way back down to group 10 when we were on group 15.  I have a list printed out at my office and it will take me till tomorrow to update the list again.  No worries though we will get back on track. If you notice any other issues please feel free to let me know and thank you for your patience.

The Poetry Pantry Is Now Open - Week #4

This is doing great folks I cant wait to see what you share this week!!.

The Poetry Pantry
2nd Chance Poems or 1st time shares

Anything goes!! All Poems, all Poets, All Week!!

Do you have a poem you would like to share? Something that you just felt inspired to write and want others to read. Perhaps it’s a poem that didn’t get as much exposure on your blog as you would have liked. Maybe it’s a poem that you wrote a long time ago that you would like people to revisit. That’s what this section of Poets United is for.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dan Simmons

Dan Simmons is a trying-to-get-published poet.  His first accepted poems will be published in the inaugural issue of the Gold Man Review in November of 2011.  He is a proud graduate of Corvallis High School (Corvallis, Oregon) and has loved living in the Mid-Willamette Valley for over 30 years.  He is a friend of the Linn-Benton Community College Poetry Club and pops in when his work schedule allows.  He works for Knife River and currently serves on the Board of Directors of Albany Civic Theater (Albany, Oregon).

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Thursday Think Tank - #10 Eyes

The Eyes

"For I dipped into the future, far as human eye could see, Saw the vision of the world, and all the wonder that would be”
~Lord Alfred Tennyson

It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul. It seems generation after generation people reference the eyes in one way or another. What do the eyes tell you? Are they deep with despair? Do they light the smile that never touches the lips? Are they the guilty hiding from the crime? Maybe they are the smile of the youth lit bright for the world to see! What do you see in the eyes of man? Share with us your poem about the eyes. If we vote right now for our prompt for the week…the eyes have it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Life of a Poet - Weasel

The dictionary defines the word weasel as a small carnivorous mammal with short legs and elongated body and neck or as a person that is sneaky or evasive. Since our latest poet to subject themselves to the “Life of a Poet” interview was a willing participant, we can maybe say that they are not evasive. So this can only mean that I am the first person to actually have a conversation with a real life talking weasel. All jokes aside, if you haven’t guessed it yet we are sitting down with Weasel the poet that is the author of the poetry blog “Systematic Weasel”.

Sherry Blue Sky

Sherry Blue Sky is a retired writer of poetry and prose (mostly memoir), who lives on Vancouver Island on the West Coast of Canada. She is a lover of life, humanity and the beauty of the natural world;  much of this informs her writing. Her causes are peace,  the environment, the survival of the planet, the impoverished and dispossessed, and all of the factors that imperil  the life of all creatures, including us. But her propensity for hope usually transcends her observationsJ Her writing can be viewed at Star Dreaming with Sherry Blue Sky

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Poem of the Week (10 August 2010) - Purging Myself with a Poem

This poem can be found at:

"The Cosmic Word Laboratory"

Purging Myself with a Poem
an explanation to Andrew

I yank out the pain with a well-chosen word
Scrubbing under my nails with
exclamation points, pushed together
like bristles of a brush
I wipe the dirt (hurt) off my shoulders
first held after first kiss
when the mire first consumed me
The lower case i sheds its dot, the tear that
breaks up the rust on my finger
I shower my soul with the words that I write
banishing the dust of your
breath from my hair
The water is the poem that shakes off my back
I am not it is filled with what was
me and him and him and him anymore

Now everything is clean

~ Cami




Monday, August 9, 2010

Poetry Blog of the Week (9, August 2010) - Words and Thoughts

Words and Thoughts - Fulfilling a dream isn’t that what poetry is? If poetry does not fulfill a dream then it at a minimum has to create one I would imagine. One way or another, this is being accomplished by Eileen T O’Neill and her poetry blog “Words and Thoughts.” Eileen’s blog is a pleasant and calming place to stop in and visit. Her poetry is reality captured in its simplest and purest form. Her layout is not a flashy and neither is her style. Those who read “Words and Thoughts” do so because they enjoy and have come to expect Eileen’s authentic and openly honest approach to poetry.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Poetry Pantry Is Now Open - Week 3

What will you share with us this week?

The Poetry Pantry
2nd Chance Poems or 1st time shares

Anything goes!! All Poems, all Poets, All Week!!

Do you have a poem you would like to share? Something that you just felt inspired to write and want others to read. Perhaps it’s a poem that didn’t get as much exposure on your blog as you would have liked. Maybe it’s a poem that you wrote a long time ago that you would like people to revisit. That’s what this section of Poets United is for.

Each Sunday we start a new post with a New Mr. Linky for you. This is so that you can post a link to anything you want us to read, anything at all related to poetry or prose found on your own poetry blogs. It will remain open all week so that you can show us your writings and thoughts. You can post links weekly should you chose to do so. What poetry you put here is up to you so don't be afraid to share with us!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Chris Olson

Chris Olson

When I hear "Chris" I have to think for a moment because my friends call me Ollie. At work I'm called Sir, but I prefer Mr. Sir; as I am a high school teacher (pray for me daily). At home it is "dad". Here in the blogosphere I'm Old Ollie or the Tired Monk. The veil is lifted. I teach English and Communication Technology. So you can find me dabbling in poetry, writing, filming, photography and animation.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Thursday Think Tank - #9 Sanctuary


"Sanctuary, on a personal level, is where we perform the job of taking care of our soul.”
~Christopher Forrest McDowell

The word sanctuary has many definitions but this week we would like to focus on the one that represents safety and peace. This version of sanctuary is defined as a hideaway; a room or other place where one can seek refuge from his everyday concerns. What is your escape? Maybe it’s a place you go to write, it could possibly be a vision that you hold onto and use in times of strife. Share your idea or actual sanctuary with us. Do you seek refuge in a church, maybe the bathroom is your privacy when the household is screaming with things that need to be done. We look forward to you sharing your ideas of sanctuary with us. They could very well be a temporary sanctuary for some of our readers sometime today.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A.M. Trumble

A.M. Trumble

Though she is known to the literary world as A.M., she doesn't really mind if you call her Amy. Twenty-eight, newly married, and a recent graduate she is feeling like a race horse right out of the gate. She considers herself a poet mostly, but has been known on occasion to write satirical plays, "coordinate marketing" at her day job, and spout off her quirky point of view and irreverent humor. In the near future she plans to pursue an MFA in Creative writing, teach, and see her plays performed by her actor husband and friends.

At the moment she is heading up her group identity found, a pursuit for identity through writing at writing our way home. You can find her poetry, as well as other writings (if you look around) at her blog Originals. She is also a featured spoken word poet at Buddah Moskowitz's Virtual Poetry Reading and Buddah Moskowitz's Virtual Poetry Reading 2.0 and is published at a handful of stones.

She dwells in an apartment with her adorable husband Joel in southeastern Pennsylvania, but always has an itch to travel.

Poem of the Week (3 August 2010) - I will Sit with You

This poem can be found at:

"Robot Cupcake Poetry" 

I will Sit With You

I will sit with you

Awaiting the coming darkness;

Though I cannot go with you

For you I’ll wait.


I will sit with you

All through the surrounding darkness;

Though I cannot make it lighter

I’ll share the dark.


I will sit with you

After the dark has gone

When the memory remains;

Though I cannot take it away

I’ll take your hand.

~ Alexis White

Monday, August 2, 2010

Prompt Sites for Every Day and Every Occasion.

Are you in need of inspiration to write? Are you looking for a poetry prompt to write for? Whatever your reasons Poets United wants to help you find your muse. We are all about poets and the poetry community so we have compiled a list of active prompt sites to make it easier for you. All pictures and site names are hyperlinked and will take you directly to the main page of the prompt site you select. We hope this will be a useful tool for our members and visitors to use. If you know of any other active sites that post regular prompts please feel free to email us and let us know so that we may add them to this list.

MondayPoetry Train, Monday's Child
TuesdayCarry on Tuesday
Wednesday3 Word Wednesday
ThursdayPoets United, We Write Poems, Thursday Tales
FridayMagpie Tales, Big Tent Poetry
SaturdayWriter’s Island, Dishwater Dreams
SundaySunday Scribblings, Poets United

Poetry Blog of the Week (2, August 2010) - Tesla Wall

Tesla Wall – Raisa Gorbachev once said “Youth is, after all, just a moment, but it is the moment, the spark, that you always carry in your heart.” You can see that very spark Raisa mentioned at Mory Keita’s Tesla Wall. A poetry blog that is both inspiring and fun to read. Mory may be one of the youngest poets found at Poets United but his thoughts and words give us a fresh view of old wisdom. Mory has the ability to capture a classic style with his writing while still managing to show us the present. It is his youth and wonderful outlook on life that pours out of his pen and onto his paper for us all to read.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Poetry Pantry Is Now Open. Week 2

The Poetry Pantry
2nd Chance Poems or 1st time shares

Anything goes!! All Poems, all Poets, All Week!!

Do you have a poem you would like to share? Something that you just felt inspired to write and want others to read. Perhaps it’s a poem that didn’t get as much exposure on your blog as you would have liked. Maybe it’s a poem that you wrote a long time ago that you would like people to revisit. That’s what this section of Poets United is for.

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