Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Think Tank Thursday #93 Quotes

Yes, you read it correctly! ;D   Since it is National Poetry Month I thought we should push our boundaries. I see you nodding your heads, but you question how will we do this?!   You will select a favorite quote or one that speaks to you at this moment in time. Pen a poem inspired by the quote you have selected. Please share the quote you selected with the poem. I'm betting on some insightful poems. I wonder if a few of us will pick the same quote?! 

 I want to bid a fond farewell to one of our own, The Tired Monk is taking a hiatus.  I, for one will miss his voice. We can hope the Tired Monk will write a book. Let's hope he isn't too tired.

quotes for life by ~keturavamp

I know this challenge seems hard, but I think it will create so many different thoughts and ideas. It gives us a chance to stretch and flex our writing wings.  Go with a quote, that attracts your attention or strikes a nerve. Emotion will help bring your voice to life.

These are photos, you can use them if you like, but I think it best to pick one that suits you.


right quote by ~PandosRulz


If you have a prompt idea (even a Music or Film inspired one) that you would like to suggest or share with us please send it to . We keep a folder set aside with all your suggestions and just might use it one day.

There 3 simple rules:

1. Don’t link to more than 3 poems per week.

2. Please visit some of the other poems linked here when you link to yours.

3. Leave a comment after you have posted your link.




  1. Oh, I love this prompt...can't wait to see what it inspires...I agree...they will be sure to inspire some insightful poems!

    The tired Monk will be missed!
    Blessings and hugs(())

  2. Very good prompt..I am happy to have at least given this prompt a try.
    There tends to be a healing process we call poetry. I am hoping this to be true. Hoping all will appreciate and that every poet blessed by their individual talent! Best wishes to all!

    1. Beautiful poem and quote, John. Wasn't able to post comment on your site.

  3. My poem was written yesterday, using a quote as direct inspiration, so I hope you don't mind if I slot it in here too.

  4. Kerry-So glad you joined in! I am happy you are here :D

    Karen-Thank you, yes I thought this would change our direction and toss us off course a bit!

    John-Well said! I think the more we write the more we unearth of our hidden thoughts. It is a clever language to express these emotions and invite others in.

    Janet-Yes, tired monk will be missed. Monks need time out to reflect! I hope so Janet! I wonder if any of us will use the same quote :D

  5. Thanks for this wonderful post, Ella.

  6. Oh interesting prompt.......will be back later. I will be sad to not have Tired Monk wisdom lighting my days. He has been a well-loved staple of mine, in the blogosphere. But I suspect he wont be too far away and we will still hear his voice from time to time.......Ollie, happy journeys, and I, too, would love a Tired Monk Book. Put me on the list, okay?

  7. Ella,

    A really great prompt idea. Loved it!!

    I will miss Tired Monk very much. Praying for his successful pilgrimage and return. We need him in our community:)

    Best Wishes,

  8. I want to apologize to all of you! I haven't been well and I'm behind on poems. I for some reason went back to last week's prompt and was so touched by a poem. It haunts me that I have not been able to read everyone's poems. I will try to do better~ I have had sinus issues. I think I have to face reality, that maybe I need drugs. I can't seem to shake it. I will do better~

    I love everyone's unique voice, so much talent here. I feel privileged to provide a prompt each week and be amazed at the insight and views everyone shares! Thank you poets for all you do~! (((((HUGS))))) You all have touched my spirit~

  9. I tried to write a haiku. Didn't work, so I tried to just make it a 3 line poem. Didn't work.

  10. thanks for the wonderful prompt, Ella! ♥

  11. Wonderful prompt Ella; here is mine based on Frank Lloyd Wright's philosophy of Nature being his Cathedral.

    Have fun poets!

  12. Great prompt Ella. I chose Gandhi's famous quote :) Thanks to all at PU.

  13. I'll have to check in on you all later; I have some things to take care of with mom today.

  14. I chose an often misquoted Nietzsche quotation and gave it a different spin... :)

  15. I am enjoying this prompt Ella!! Thank is great inspiration and keeps the muse flowing.

  16. I got to use one of my favorite quotes!! Thank you! Love this prompt!

  17. "the early bird gets the worm"....i guess you can tell is not my favorite this prompt Ella! :-)

  18. What a busy month! I finally posted mine.

  19. A little bit late, but finally got mine posted as well!

  20. My quote is about delight, but the poem is sad. You just never know what's going to come out, I guess.


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