Sunday, May 10, 2015

Poetry Pantry #251

by Sara McNulty

Rainbow in Backyard

Sunset over Newport Beach

Fog Rolls In Along the Coast

View from Route 101

Oregon Coast

Good day, Poets!

Hope each one of you is enjoying a good weekend.  In this country we celebrate Mother's Day today.  Some of you may be involved in Mother's Day festivities one way or another.  If so, enjoy them; and then come and share some time with us.  Smiles!  Thanks to all of you who join us weekly in our love of sharing Poetry. And thanks to Sara McNulty  this week for the beautiful photos of the Oregon coast.

Perhaps some of you have already seen the announcement at Midweek Motif, but (in case you have not) Poets United is thrilled to have a new team member, Sumana Roy,  who will be doing one Midweek Motif prompt a month.  Susan's excellent prompts will continue to be featured every other week of the month! I know many of you know Sumana from her regular participation here at Poets United.  Please visit Midweek Motif this coming Wednesday for her first Midweek Motif Prompt, which is "waves."  This Monday Sherry Blue Sky will be featuring Sumana's blog as the Blog of the Week as well so we get to know Sumana a little bit more, if we don't already.

Rosemary always has an excellent feature every Friday.  Either "I Wish I'd Written This" or "The Living Dead."  These are always well written & give us new poets to enjoy and appreciate.  She puts a lot of time into her research, so please take a look at the articles when you can.

With no further adieu, hope that you will enjoy the Pantry today.  Leave a short comment when you post; and be sure to visit the links of others.  I will look forward to reading what you share.


  1. Thanks for this beautiful share of your world Sara...Hello friends, a Happy Sunday to you all :)

  2. What a wonderful word you live in Sara, happy Sunday and Mother's Day to everyone,

  3. All the photographs are amazing but the rainbow..just what any soul needs when they wake up on a Sunday morning..thank you

  4. Happy Mother's Day to those who are celebrating and wishing everyone a good week!

  5. happy mothers day and happy sunday
    and cool on having sumana on the team... appreciating the work you're all doing...

  6. Hi all -

    I missed last week since I was in Singapore again. So much work to do lol.

    Happy Mother's day to all the mothers here :)

    Another flower post from me today lol. So sorry about that. Played along the fairy tales as inspiration of my tanka.

    Lovely photos Sara :)

  7. Happy Mother's Day everyone :D
    Hope you like my poem..!

    Lots of love

  8. So glad to be here for part of this busy Sunday. Happy Mother's Day to mothers and non-mothers, children and non-children everywhere.

  9. Good morning and Happy Mother's Day to all! I have never been to the coast of Oregon but I hope to visit some day...stunning Sara! Have a great day everyone....

  10. Good morning, everyone! Nice to see the pantry filling up this morning, and look forward to more as the days go on. Happy Day to those who celebrate being a mother, having a mother, or acting as a mother to someone in your life.

  11. Good Morning and Happy Mother's Day!

  12. Thank you Sara for the lovely pictures ~ And big welcome to Sumana to the team ~

    Good morning to everyone & wishing you happy spring & happy mother's day ~

  13. Mary,

    Delightful views of Oregon from Sara. I have still to visit that area of Pacific coast US.
    Happy Sunday and Mother's Day to all. We already celebrated Mothers's Day in UK, back in March!


  14. feliz, dia de mamasita to all of you lovely ladies and mamasitas. i included a pic of my mamasita which is when she was performing throughout Mexico in the '50's and southern California. her voice was angelic

  15. luv that Rainbow, of Sara's, your clouds are faboulous and the sea looks so sensous. Happy Mothers Day

    much love...

  16. Sara, beautiful shots. A slice of heaven.

  17. Good morning, all. That Oregon coastline is a beauty! Sigh. I would love to travel it one more time. Looking forward to what's in the Pantry! I hope all mothers are being fondly remembered this morning.

  18. Love the sunset shot, Sara. And the fog rolling in is just gorgeous. What a beautiful coast :-) Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there today!

  19. Gail, Anna and Gillena, I was not able to post comments for some reason on your sites. As I see others did, the problem is somehow at my end and I am flummoxed to solve it. But I enjoyed each of your poems very much!

  20. The pics are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  21. Oh, "Sunset" my favorite, thanks Sara! Working in fragments today...back and forth...grateful for space here, hosting by Mary,'hurray' to Sumana, happy Sun-day to all!

  22. Stunning pictures, i guess i have to plan for Oregon some day :)

  23. Beautiful is your world , Sara. !! Happy Sunday, everyone!


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