Poets United has become a wonderful community for poets and storytellers. Over time we have grown so much that no one person is responsible for this wonderful grouping of people. Our members can be found in every corner of the world and are always willing to step forward and help in whatever way they can. For that we are so very grateful.

Below you will find some of the folks in our community who go beyond what is expected, dedicating their time and talents to ensuring we have a functional, up to date and versatile site to visit. A lot of work behind the scenes goes into keeping the site presentable, the content engaging, and the interactions flowing smoothly. These people are the ones responsible. Please feel free to sing their praises and be sure to stop by their sites also, as not only do they help here but they are poets and storytellers themselves.

By simply clicking on the names below you can learn a little more about what makes each one of these individuals so amazing.

Coordinator: Rosemary Nissen-Wade
Assistant Coordinator: Magaly Guerrero

Feature Writers:
Pantry of Poetry and Prose (Sunday) Magaly GuerreroRommy Driks, Sanaa Rizvi
Mid-Week Motif (Wednesday) Susan Chast, Sumana Roy, [plus sometimes Magaly Guerrero or Sanaa Rizvi]
Wild Fridays Rosemary Nissen-Wade

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