Friday, May 6, 2011

Whew...Thanks and maybe a little help?

Only 286 more email to look at not counting the 211 of spam

Over the past several months I have struggled with my time and ability to give Poets United a decent and worthy amount of attention. If it wasn’t for the help of two very wonderful and supportive ladies this site could have very well failed. Mary Kling and Sherry Blue Sky have been working tirelessly behind the scenes here at Poets United to ensure an active Poets United for all of its members and readers. Both of these ladies deserve a bravo and pat on the back from us. I am so grateful for their willingness to step up. Thank you both very much!

I recently have not been able to add all the new members wanting to join but will make a point of doing that here today and in the near future. Do to my increased workload I am parceling out the responsibilities and days here at Poets United so if you have any interest in helping us manage the site please let us know by emailing us. Title it something simple like “I want to help”. There is no pay for this and the deadlines are fairly flexible. It’s strictly voluntary. Places that could use a volunteer are listed here:

Saturday – We would like someone to post a classic poem every Saturday. The rules are simple and you have a lot of freedom. We just would like a consistent poster.

Greeter/Welcomer – We need someone willing to welcome and add new members to our blog roll and list as they ask to be a part of us. They would also need to ensure that all blogs listed are active within the last 120 days (4 months).

Representative/Blog visitor – We need a few people willing to explore the blogs of our members and comment as a representative of Poets United ensuring we have a presence in the Poetry Blog community. With us being 250 plus strong it is hard to get out there and visit every blog to show our support.

We are also open to poetry related posts and ideas as long as they are not advertisement or self promoting. If you wish to write an article or highlight an important aspect of poetry or place in our community we can post those on Friday’s as that is our open date.

Any and all support is welcome but please only volunteer if you can afford to spend the time(at least 1 hour or so a week). We can give access and show you how to do it if you are unsure.

And one more time for good measure if you stumble across Mary Kling or Sherry Blue Sky throughout the blogosphere please thank them for a job well done in keeping Poets United afloat. They truly deserve it.  They are the reason we are still going!


  1. Well thank you for finally asking. I would love to take up the Saturday position.

  2. Robert,
    I have also made an effort to contribute to Poets United and to support in any way that I could as a contributor.I spent many hour helping with the very first Anthology Book, I have sent messages which have probably got jammed in your inbox, in which I asked if I could help.
    I still make an effort to visit many Blogs, read and comment on poems.
    This is not always reciprocated and I find the same core of poets, visiting each others work each week.
    I think that I will be happy to now remain as a contributing writer and allow others to take a more active role.
    Best wishes, Eileen

  3. My thanks go to everyone who has a hand in keeping the site going. Your efforts are often unappreciated, and go unnoticed and unthanked. As poets, we should not take communal sites for granted, because they are the most important way for our words to reach a wider audience.

  4. Mary n' Sherry,
    Thank you for all your efforts and Robb you too~
    We would not be part of this unique n' wonderful experiences if it wasn't for you, you and you! Thank you!

    I could contribute an article(poetry related) I do think when we find a unique voice, we should share. Of course I would clear it with you before posting.
    I could visit blogs and represent, but I am worn out after doing an A-Z blogging challenge with over 1,000 members. Give me some time out and I will consider this. And you know I could take some photos that could inspire a poem ;-D In fact maybe that should be a prompt a photo(everyone post a photo and write a poem about it or Poets United share a few and offer this photo or that, or write a poem using one of your own photos). We would definitely get a wide variety~

  5. Hey Robert! I am interested to be a representative/ blog visitor. I can also be a greeter/ welcomer.

  6. Yes - job well done - I drop in everyday.

  7. A big thank you to Sherry Blue Sky and Mary Kling for being there for us. As we go along, I could help much but as for now I could offer myself as a greeter/welcomer.

  8. I've enjoyed a tremendous amount of support from my cohorts on this site; and I value and appreciate the many hours you three principals devote to the community. I must also add that you've enriched my writing and my life by encouraging my work and leading me to other writers.
    Should bttrflyscar change her mind or need a break, I will happily take up the Classic Saturday Poetry Posting. Let me know.

  9. i am so appreciative. i can help. i can be a visitor or a greeter or i can take on some other charge to help out. please just let me know what would be helpful. xoxo marian

  10. Hey, kids, this all sounds wonderful. This is such a great community full of wonderful people, and I treasure each and every one of you and your contribution to both Poets United and my life. You have broadened my world in such a wonderful way. Robb, you made this whole community possible, and it is now so big it is too much for one hectically-busy person to handle. You definitely need help, and thanks for letting us know.

  11. Thank you Robb, Mary, Sherry and Eileen and any others I am not aware of for all that you do here for this community.

    As a member of this community, and as I think it a responsibility, I do try to get to as many member sites as I can to drop a comment now and then.

    Thank you all so very much!

  12. I too can help in blog visiting. Being the member its my responsibility to help at least a bit..

  13. I wish I could, but I can't even keep up with my own blog of late! Three cheers for those who have been helping all along or have volunteered here!

  14. thank you for all that you do, I would like to help as well.

  15. Eileen there is not doubt you have helped and volunteered help. This is not taking away from you or that. I have had various individuals who have also done so especially with the Anthology. As much credit as possible was given in that book and during those times. I was only directly pointing out the amazing help I have recieved as of the last month and a half by Sherry and Mary. They actually have been posting and running this site as I was somewhat silent and gone. I do not discount your help nor anyone else who has taken the time to contribute to Poets United. Everyone who has helped has been a Godsend for this community. If I could trumpet each person every day I would trust me.

  16. Robert,

    I am happy to remain as a writer only, at Poets United.
    Due to personal health issues, as referred to in my Thurdsay Think Tank poem(Pins&Needles), I will no longer be in a position to assume a role at Poets United.
    Thank you to Unknowngnome for your recognition.
    I am very grateful to all those poetry friends who have been supportive of my efforts and who have also supported my Blog.
    I am blessed to have met such wonderful people, during this time.
    Best Wishes, Eileen

  17. Robb, keeping a poetry blog with the scope of Poets United up and running is tough. I have been a blogging poet since 2005. I started posting links on a site called Poetry Thursday back in the day. As it grew in scale, it overwhelmed the publishers, and eventually closed down in 2007.

    I personally launched a prompt site called Writer's Island at that time to give the PT regulars a place to post links to their ongoing work.

    In the long run, PT directly and indirectly spawned, not only my WI prompt blog, but also ReadWritePoem (published by group headed by one of the original publishers of PT), BigTentPoetry, and WeWritePoetry.

    RWP has since closed -- but my WI, as well as BTP and WWP remain active. Your Poets United and other sites have sprung up along the way. Another site, with ambitions as grand as yours, called One Spot Poetry came to life last year.

    It is a crowded niche of prompt sites in cyberspace these days. I admire your dedication in trying to keep Poets United alive and relevant. You are definitely making the right move in asking for help. All the sites today, with the scope of yours, are run by groups. The best of luck in pulling your group together.

  18. Finding that time restraints and health issues restrict blogging time, I'm forced to admit I am not as supportive of Poets United and the general blogging community as I should be. I therefore have enormous respect and appreciation for those who show up every day and do the work, knowing that each and everyone one of us face our own challenges.

    Robb has provided us with a wonderful venue to post our work and to share with like-minded souls, a lifeline for those of us who've spent years writing into a vacuum. I cannot offer thanks enough to people like Sherry and Mary who step up when needed, and to the faithful and steady like Eileen who visit fellow bloggers regularly to leave thoughtful comments and encouragement, even when those visits are not reciprocated. Such tenacity seems to me one of the true markers of what make our community unique and amazing.

    My most profound thanks go out to you all...


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