Saturday, May 7, 2011

You all are wonderful

This post is just a quick recognition to all those who have stepped up and volunteered to help with my last request. The response was awesome and you will have to allow me a few days to organize things and get back to each of you who have stated you wish to help in some way. There are not as many things to do as people who volunteered so I have to be as fair as and compromising as possible. It’s a little more important to ensure you all know what you are getting into because you will be given full access to the site and counted on to do things on your own without me. My ocd will have to take a backseat to progress and continuity.

Thank you all please know you are part of an amazing community here at Poets United and we can only hope to grow and get better.

Robert Lloyd.


  1. You are wonderful too :). We are grateful to you for making the group. Had Poets United not existed i don't think we would have got an opportunity to interact with other poets. We wouldn't have got an opportunity to learn from them. I've learnt a lot about poetry by visiting other Poets' blogs. I would've still been stuck writing straining rhyme had Poets United not come to my rescue.

  2. Thank you Robb for all you do!...This site would not be here if it was not for your vision and work. I also want to say thank you to everyone that helps here....thank you Sherry,Mary,Barbara,Pamela, and everyone else that puts their creativity and time into helping this site be seen and grow. :-)

  3. We have a terrific community here, of fantastically talented and friendly all have made my world come alive, and I appreciate all of you so much. Thanks, Robb, for your vision. You made it happen! And thanks to everyone who takes part in any way, simply by being a member and sharing your work.

  4. Raising a glass to our community. Thanks, Robb, for getting it all started...and to everyone for doing their part in whatever way to support fellow poets.

  5. Wish you well Robb. I would help but I have all I can do to single-handedly keep Writer's Island poetry/writing prompt blog going every week, now since 2007 (daily during NaPoWriMo}. I know how difficult it can be at times.

    The four (4) blogs, where I post the poetry I write, each suffer occasionally -- but like you, I realize that one has an inherent responsibility to maintain a commitment one makes when they launch a blog, and ask blogging writers to have faith that a weekly prompt will be there. You have an especially challenging undertaking given the broad scope of Poets United.

    Bravo to you for the job you've done to date. I hope you can keep Poets United alive, as I enjoy posting links here from time to time. Kudos and congratulations to all who are willing to help you

  6. Robert,

    a surprise for you.

    Happy Sunday!

    Enjoy a lovely Day.

  7. Sorry I didn't get back to you. I'm having an "interesting time," let's call it, with my various mental disorders and some days, it's hard to simply get out of bed. Having said that, please don't think I'm using my manic depression as an excuse - it's simply that I'm inconsistent in my state, and I would never, EVER want to let you all down in any way.

    I will continue to encourage new visitors and bloggers, as I always include a link (and, as always, on Poets United) on my posts. I love you all and wish I could be more help. Peace, Amy

  8. I feel so fortunate to be part of this unique group!


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