Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Vice Versa - #9

Every Tuesday you will find either Vice/Versa or Midnight Snack posted here at 12:01 a.m.

I have been heartened by the initial participation in "Vice/Versa."  One of these weeks you will see "Midnight Snack" and a photo. 

Please, however, when you link your own writing, do others who link the courtesy of visiting their links as well.  It truly is such a small group this is very possible.  Don't just 'link and run.'  And if someone visits your blog, please visit theirs in return; as we are all about community and reciprocity here.

 For this week's “Vice/Versa” two random words will be posted along with their polar opposites (Otherwise known as antonyms). Write something using all four words. It can be any form of writing; poetry, prose, short stories or whatever else.

This week's  
Vice Versa
Write poetry or prose using all four words.  It can be any form of poetry or prose.  Post your related scribbling and leave a comment. (We love comments too.)  Then enjoy the writings of others who post here and see how they differ from you.

Usual /Rare
               Simple Rules
  • Post any time; it's just the night owls who get first crack.
  • Make sure to visit other late  scribes.
  • Leave us a comment about the photo or words before you  nod off.
  • Or just a comment saying hi!
  • Most of all, enjoy!


  1. Hiya Mary,
    Thank you.
    Such nice words to work with.
    And words in general are my topic this morning.
    Didn't mean to be first: blame it on the time difference.

  2. These words just slipped right into place. ☺

  3. Great prompt... thanks!


  4. Hello all, joining in if that's ok, looking for some inspiration and this seemed a good way to start

  5. Well, it's not exactly a poem, but it was fun. I'm enjoying these challenges. It pushes me in a real good way. And I love seeing what others do with the same prompt.

  6. Hi all, SO glad I joined. This challenge was really helpful in carving out a new poem. Thanks! :)

  7. Hey Mary! How goes it? This is the first vice/versa prompt I have tried, and I even came up with an etheree! So my own vice/versa is "Hates Forms/Writes Forms," I suppose. Peace, and thanks, Amy


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