Friday, August 30, 2013

I Wish I'd Written This

Angels Among Us

By Tiara Stingley

Her breath has become more shallow
For days now
She has grasped
With frail hands at the air

Wisps of arm movements 
Unable to find any earthen substance 

"They just tend to become so lost in the end, don't they?"
The nurse remarks as she exits the room 

Stepping closer ,
Intrigued by a dear lady who has been at once friend and patient for two years 
I know that soon I will be unable to pat her hand 
Or hug her neck 
Or hear her say
" this is my favorite girl"

Distant eyes 
Suddenly become
"They are so pretty aren't they?"

"Who sweet lady?"

" the angels"

To some ... She is lost ...
To me ... She is blessed

Tiara Stingley is a Doctor of Physical Medicine — or, as we still say in Australia, a physiotherapist — who lives in Tennessee. As is obvious from this poem, she works with the aged. She also has a degree in Exercise Science and has been officially recognised as an 'outstanding' kinesiologist.

This poem was posted in a facebook group called 'small stones: Writing Our Way Home' which 'was inspired by a short mindful writing form created by Satya Robyn, and has evolved into a place where people can post their creative writing and receive support from each other'.  As you can imagine, it moved many people. Tiara graciously gave me permission to use it and her photograph. The photo is from January last year. It was very hard to find one of her by herself in her facebook photos. She usually appears with arms around friends or family members, everyone smiling broadly. She is clearly a people person.

Her only other poem online is also drawn from her working experience and it too is very moving.  Well, there's also what she posts to the facebook group — but as it is a closed group, there's no point in giving you that link. However, you'll be pleased to know that she is considering a compilation or a blog. On learning that, I suggested both! (Tiara, if you do start a poetry blog, please link it to Poets United, so we may enjoy more of your work.)

Poems and photos used in ‘I Wish I’d Written This’ remain the property of the copyright holders (usually their authors).


  1. Thank you for this poem. Just enough diction, image, dialogue finely chosen for me to see my deceased elderly soulmate today, not lost but blessed.

    1. And me my deceased elderly soulmate likewise, Susan. *Hug.*

  2. Wonderful use of words to to tie embracing humanity and the recognition of its ties to the spiritual connection.

    Lovely, gracias for sharing

  3. I for one will become an immediate follower.

  4. very peaceful- the poem and the poetess...Thanks, Rosemary for so nice

  5. very moving and there is an openness that leaves it open to varying interpretations

  6. This is EXACTLY how the dying process goes......a wonderfully caring poet and beautiful poem. I do hope she does start a blog and link to us. I would so enjoy getting to know her better. (Watch out, Tiara, next thing you know I'll ask you for an interview!! Smiles.) Thanks, Rosemary. You always find us great poets and poems.

  7. Oh, Rosemary, that is such a beautiful, beautiful poem!! And I LOVE this share!! I do think that people, at the end of life, end up seeing the angels. And yes, they are blessed indeed. I do hope that Tiara Stingley starts a blog as well.

  8. Lovely choice, Rosemary... such sensitivity and presence is rare among carers for the elderly.

  9. Beautiful, deep and lovely message. Supremely poetic.

  10. Enjoyed this moving poem. Wonderful ending.

  11. As always, I am so pleased that you all share my delight in this poem.

  12. I hope you all see this — only just discovered a message from Tiara asking me to thank you all for your comments, as she is unable to do so herself. She says, "I am so thankful for their kind words."


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