Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Verse First~We are Interconnected

Verse First ~ We Are Interconnected

Welcome to VERSE FIRST, where simple notions prompt amazing poems.
Today's notion?


Writer, poet and teacher Natalie Goldberg once said, "We are all interwoven and create each other's universes... We don't live for ourselves; we are all interconnected."

You affect me. I affect you. One action begets a series of reactions, which expand the web of connectedness. Every action is a pebble in the pond, every reaction a ripple. And so it goes. Consider the vast truth of this and write about it.

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  1. The seeds for these connections are sown in our past lives:)

  2. We definitely all ARE interconnected. I enjoyed this prompt, Kim.

  3. I love the prompt Kim - we truly are connected by our craft and so grow through inspiration in our rich community

  4. Oh another great prompt, Kim! Thanks so much.

  5. Your prompts are always a little out of the ordinary in their direction - I like that

    1. So true... I write them from my perspective. I suppose I am a "little out of the ordinary in my direction". ;-)

  6. Such a beautiful prompt, Kim. Thanks a lot..:) I have not been writing much lately. ( no reason is valid for not writing,I understand)-- But, I would definitely like to write something for this literary community. ..

  7. Kim,

    I have returned from hand surgery and an extended holiday. I hope that life can proceed without too many obstacles for the rest of the year!!
    Enjoyed this poetic connection:)


  8. Thank you, Kim. I think I went with an easy, simple "inter-connection".

  9. Extraordinary indeed, Kim. You took me into cosmology (?) with this one, or maybe science fiction which I had been thinking about earlier today.

  10. Excellent prompt, Kim.

    I am at

  11. Hi Kim! I had fun with this one :D
    Thank you!

  12. Thank you for this prompt, i took my take on it and i hope it works :)

  13. its been a while since the last time i visited here, i miss you guys :)

  14. We all share the same poet's heart. It's our interpretation that changes, giving us our individuality. But we never stray from this kinship! We are indeed interconnected!

  15. came in late and well after quite some time but happy to have come in. Shared a draft of thoughts. wil catch all of you later!

  16. Been online intermittently for much of September due to some family challenges and I am back now. The draft poem I share reflects the somber yet hopeful thoughts that trickle out this month. Will visit everyone this week. Have a good weekend ahead.

  17. I loved this prompt. I wrote a poem a long time ago and thought it fit the prompt.

  18. Here I am Kim, with a small poem, as promised. Though I know I am quite late...but, had to write something on this beautiful prompt...Thank you.


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