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Blog of the Week~Wabi Sabi

At her blog of the same name, Wabi Sabi writes an eclectic mixture of wonderful haiku and other poetic forms, not to mention her stunning photography. This poet captures the essence of haiku wonderfully, her voice often echoing the tone of the old masters. I include a sampling of her recent work for your enjoyment. You will find much to delight you at Wabi Sabi - our Blog of the Week. In the Time Before Dawn totally gob-smacked me recently in the Poetry Pantry. I already had this poet set to go as our Blog of the Week, and simply had to add it in. Enjoy!

In The Time Before Dawn

In the time before dawn
the sky is another country,
all purple and windy, 
with a strand of pink haze
wrapped around the horizon,
embracing the morning star,
snuffing out her beauty
like a candle tilting in the bruised wind;

the gulls write their story
across the snow clouds,
their crying captures a word- juggler
in time’s lonely aspect
sustaining her in the warp and weft of the storm.

The poet planned an epic tale,
woven out of the fugue state of winter
sent by the devils of the night,
but her meager notes mention
only that the sky is still another country,
all purple and windy,
even after dawn.


©2014 Wabi Sabi
Sunken Meadow in Summer Wabi Sabi 2013

summer day -
the breeze, the green, the egret
oh! not a single yearning!

silent night -
                 again, the cicadas miss
              the green corn moon

Here is a wonderful haibun I could not resist!

Planting seeds in the spring requires an enormous leap of faith.  For the farmer who plants many acres or the gardener with a tiny vegetable patch, the distance from that early spring day to  harvest is often measured in the number of  bug battles, the hours of prayer for good weather, the pounds of weeds ripped from the soil and of course, months of back-breaking labor.  The seed embraces the soil, the sun and the water in a magical dance of life.  The wise farmer knows that he participated in this miracle too!
ripe tomato -
slicing up the sun’s warmth
for lunch
One can almost taste the sun-warmed tomatoes. And a very touching poem about two little sisters:

Esther dreams 

of a period filled 

with gauzy comings and goings,

she has a vision of two little girls,

 how many years ago?

pajama clad 

nestled on the floor

the tv tuned to jackie gleason,

some kind of tribute show.

one sister has to leave

going by subtle degrees,

creeping away like a hermit crab

crashing into another world

leaving behind an empty shell,

and her only sister.

 no one had the power

to persuade her to stay,

not Esther,

not anyone,

 and before she leaves,

she carefully opens up 

a hungry space in Esther’s heart.


Wonderful work, Wabi Sabi! Thank you for your deep and meaningful poetry, and for your active and long-term participation at Poets United. We look forward to enjoying much more of your work.


  1. I'm a big fan of Wabi Sabi's work! Thanks for featuring her blog Sherry, much deserved!

    1. You are most welcome, kiddo. She does write wonderful poems!

    2. Thank you Jennifer and Sherry!

  2. Thank you Sherry, for highlighting my blog on PU this week. I appreciate your kind words and your hard work!

    1. It was my pleasure, kiddo. I am only sorry it took me so long!

  3. So great to see Wabi Sabi here! Beautiful pictures and poems! Sherry, thank you for sharing!

  4. Thanks Sherry for sharing Wabi Sabi's blog.....beautiful pictures and lines to feast the eyes on.....

  5. ah! I have been to her blog and like her work a lot.

  6. good choice for Blog of the Week. :)
    I have always enjoyed Wabi Sabi's poetry, especially her haiku.

  7. nice choice in the highlight...i like that one...the sky being another country...and you know that poet said enough even in that...

  8. Great choice, Sherry!! I am a big fan of her haiku...:) Thank you for sharing.

  9. O! A feast of Wabi Sabi! I do not visit this blog often enough. Thank you for the treat.

  10. Oh yes... so nice to see a fellow Carpe Diem haijin here.. I so recall some of those glorious poems..

  11. Yes, her poetry has a sweet, haunting quality all its own.

  12. You are such an awakened heart being WS!

  13. Truly beautiful writing, inspiring... very zen

  14. her work as beautiful as her heart


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