Sunday, February 8, 2015

Poetry Pantry #238

Photos by Loredana Donovan - Martha's Vineyard (USA)
(A Breath of Summer is kind of nice - smiles)

Beach on Atlantic Ocean
Green Fields on the Island

Bikes on the Island

Cliffs on the Atlantic

Rocks on the Beach

Seagull Flying over the Ocean

Good morning, Friends.  I always look forward to Poetry Pantry on Sunday & hope that you do too!

Today we are featuring photos by Loredana Donovan.  Thank you so much, Loredana, for sharing with us again today!

I do hope that you will continue to visit Poets United other days of the week as well.  If you haven't done so already, I hope you will go back and visit Rosemary's The Living Dead feature  from Friday. I think many may be familiar with Khalil Gibran, but perhaps not with the poem she shared and ALL of the information she included about Gibran.  Rosemary always does such extensive research for her features, and I am one who sincerely appreciates them.  Not an easy task, Rosemary.  Thank you.

Monday, after Poetry Pantry closes, Sherry has an interview of a prolific Indian poet.  I will keep you in suspense, but I think most everyone will have encountered his work somewhere.  As far as I know, he has never been interviewed before but is VERY active in the blogosphere.  Smiles.  Thanks, Sherry, for always coming up with fascinating people and also presenting us with excellent Monday features.

And Wednesday,  just as a heads up, for Midweek Motif Susan will be inspiring us to write on the topic Love is Not a Greeting Card. Think about writing a poem to or about a loved one...just in time for Valentine's Day.  (Smiles)  But then again, wait until Wednesday, when you can find out more details about the prompt. Thank you, Susan, for always coming up with interesting, as well as challenging, prompts for the community.  It is very difficult to think of a unique prompt each week, but you are a master!

As you can see, we have a very full schedule & hope you follow us on Facebook as well.  You can always find out what is going on there.

If you have any photos that you think would work for Poetry Pantry, drop me an email at letting me know what you have.

And now, on to the most important thing, sharing a poem today.  Please link your ONE poem using Mr. Linky below.  After you have linked, be sure to visit others who have linked, and then return at various times during the day to visit the new posters.  We at Poets United believe in reciprocity & community as a way of getting to know one another & supporting one another's creative endeavors.

After you have linked, stop below and say 'hello' to us as well...if you another way of community interaction.


  1. When I see the lovely pictures I just want to run barefoot in the sun. Wonderful. What a feast for the eye with the snow we have outside.

  2. Lovely photos. Just the name Martha's Vineyard has always seemed so romantic to me — knowing nothing at all about it really. Now I have a little more knowledge, thank you Lorena!

    I am linking to quite an old piece today, as I couldn't come up with anything new — one which I think and hope has not been seen by everyone already!

  3. very cool pics... makes me yearn for the sea....
    it's snowing over here...thick, fat flakes and i'm going to walk to church today and probably look like a snowman once i'm getting there...smiles
    off to read through your poems now...

  4. Lovely pictures, especially the bicycles one, like there is a story sitting right there on one those seats.
    Have a beautiful day 😊

  5. Thanks Loredana for making me wish its springtime already instead of cold grey winter outside ~

    (Mary, please delete my second link ~ Thank you)

    Happy Sunday to all, from cold winterland of Ontario ~


  6. hey i would not mind to be sea gulls...
    or be by the beach about now....hoping to be back at the beach
    this summer

  7. What beautiful photographs, can't wait to go to the ocean again. Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday.

  8. Good morning from the snow and cold of central NY State. Loredana these are is so wonderful to see the beauty of places close by. And they warm me as we are being hit with more cold and another snowstorm this weekend that is supposed to last for a couple of days.....thanks for this warm up through your pictures!

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos! Thanks for sharing them!

  10. Really love seeing summer scenes today. Certainly the opposite of what I see outside my window. We are going to have freezing rain today...not my favorite thing. Great to see such a busy pantry! Have a good day, friends.

    1. wow. would you believe it is over 60 here today....
      like a spring day

  11. Thank you for the beautiful photos, Loredana! Happy Sunday to all of you, wherever you maybe.

  12. Ah, Loredana, you couldn't choose better for me with your photos...dream time...Thank you, and let us enjoy today!

  13. Greetings to all with warm wishes for a great Sunday.

  14. off to church...back in a bit to read....

  15. Good morning, poets! I'm watching the rain out my window and enjoying a cup of coffee while getting ready to read some wonderful poetry this morning. I'm sharing something new today and that makes me feel great because I've been a bit blocked these past couple of weeks. I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday :)

  16. Happy Sunday, friends. Such glorious photos of the Atlantic, Loredana! So very beautiful. And Mary, thanks for the plugs for our features. Smiles. I am tiptoeing into the Pantry now, to nibble on the poetic feast.

  17. Good morning! Happy to be here today! California has rain!!

  18. Happy Weekend everyone..good to be back and see all my friends writing beautiful poetry..had been busy with a musical rehearsal and then I was down with fever.... feels really good to come back here..

  19. What beautiful pictures. Now I'm yearning for summer.
    I'll be reading poems later, but for now I'm going outside.
    Hope you and all, have a great Sunday.

  20. Good Morning! Anxious to read in the pantry.

  21. Something wrong, the link didn't go to my website?

  22. lovely pictures especially on a cold day..

  23. That Seagull photograph is really adorable, Loredana. I love it. Thanks for sharing your lovely shots!

    And hey, I'm at #41..Wow! We have a huge gathering today... smiles.. I'm linking a poem inspired by a dear friend's beautiful artwork. Hope you enjoy it. Smiles.

    - ksm

  24. Mary, Sherry--Lorena (very pretty pics), I'm posting a rather odd poem! Hope that is okay! k. (This is Karin Gustafson of Manicddaily--


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