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Blog of the Week ~ Truedessa

This week, my friends, we are pleased to feature Truedessa, who writes at True Wanderings. Truedessa explains, "I am currently involved with the explorations of dreams and dream works. I enjoy studying ancient cultures and the unknown / paranormal." Her readers enjoy the on-going narrative adventures of Truedessa and her traveling companion, Captain Pat, as they encounter many breathtaking encounters on land and sea. I have chosen three of my personal favorites today. Do  check out her blog, if you haven't already, as there is so much more to be read and enjoyed. 

from Truedessa's collection

In silence I gaze upon still waters
holding an envelope of hopes and dreams
blue heron watches from marshy quarters
the clock strikes three all is not as it seems

In silence, birds sing I am not alone 
fresh ashes symbol of my intentions
a journey quest into the vast unknown 
slow rhythmic breathing releasing tensions

In silence, I blow kisses to the wind 
carrying my voice on the wings of change 
honoring visions , mother nature grins
aligning thoughts a time to rearrange

seven messages, words drawn from the heart 
in silence I sense calmness, a fresh start

I so love that poem! Here is a beautiful one. If you enjoy a happy love story, this blog is the place to visit!

two souls
cohesive in their thoughts 
ribbons of her entwined with him
they bond

two spheres
facing inward 
in a vast universe
revolving around each other 

I think now, we must have one of the energetic adventures of our swashbuckling heroes, Truedessa and Captain Pat, to get the whole picture. This is what Truedessa says about the adventures of these "light-hearted fools.".

"The Truedessa and Captain Pat adventures  really started from a blog post, and from there they took on a life of their own. It really has been an amazing journey. Pat has actually made a few of the adventures into books. I think my favorite is Fight in the Night, but Fight for the Light will hold a special place in my heart - a true treasure -  as that is the first one he put together based on my poem. I cannot express the joy it brought me to see Truedessa come to life in a book with Captain Pat. Amazing things really do happen in life!"

Sherry: Yes, they do. Let's tune in.

Warm swirling mist two light hearted fools dream
searching the sea for that blue sapphire ring
tis said it holds power as it makes hearts sing
under the darkest of nights it would gleam

Truedessa and Captain Pat gaze upon the sky
this journey of theirs has reached a feverish pitch
woven fabrics of their souls held with satin stitch
caught in a magical land their hearts softly sigh

Two wild spirits bonded by the journey of life
to find good fortune could be a game of luck
tis said one must venture into the deep muck
they have seen enough heartache and strife

Together they sail searching coast to coast
facing adventures and weathering storms
cloud watching as a picture slowly forms
Truedessa whispers " I feel a chill, a ghost"

Captain Pat with his cat on his lap listens
turbulence seems to circulate the cold air
a sense of real danger, a sign to beware
in the shadows of night two eyes glisten

a soft melody drifts between blue waves..

Come to me
come to me
let us soar
beyond the milky way

Out of the darkness, a man dressed in black
with eyes of red, he wishes to make a deal
beneath his cloak a light saber he conceals
Truedessa & Captain Pat take a step back

Captain Pat declares " what is your intention"
Truedessa shivers as a finger points her way
a spaceship hovers , with lights on display
this dark Jedi comes from another dimension

Captain pulls his weapon, as does the Jedi
have no fear we will conquer this foe
stormy winds, delivering a howling blow
what world lives beyond the milky sky



Truedessa and the captain side by side
sword to sword the two will readily fight
but, the dark Jedi is quick with his light
swift as lightning the saber swings wide

Tossing the spotted cat into the deep sea
Truedessa heaves a cry, "for that you will pay"
transferring energy their swords now light rays
Captain swears, I'll cut you down like a tree



Suddenly, the rolling sea lets out a roar
heaven and earth tremble and shake
a dragon ship appears , waves break
seems a ninja has graced their shore

Fiery bursts from the dragon ships jaw
the spaceship is hit, orange flames galore
Capt'n Pat swings the Jedi falls to the floor
extending over the ship rail, a large claw

Truedessa runs to ship-side, a giant sea lion
sitting on his furry mane, the spotted cat
she scoops him up, giving the beast a pat
just as the spaceships slip over the horizon

Captain Pat and Truedessa safe and sound
exhausted they gaze up towards the stars
giving thanks to the ninja who plays guitar
together many adventures they have found

And they will find many more, I have no doubt! Thank you, Truedessa, for your participation at Poets United, and your entertaining adventures in poetic verse. We look forward to reading more about your adventures with Captain Pat - as well as your exploration of dreams and drumming, as this new year unfolds.

Week by week, it's so wonderful to get to know each other better. I hope you enjoyed this mini-visit as much as I did. Do come back and see who we talk to next, my friends. Who knows? It might be you!


  1. Oh what fun it was to read these poems here, Sherry. I have enjoyed Truedessa's writing for quite a while now. Ha, the adventures of Truedessa and Pat are fun. Truedessa, keep writing 'em. Smiles.

    1. Thank you Mary for your constant support of my writing. I always enjoy reading your thoughtful comments. I am sure another adventure will surface. smiling.

  2. Calm, unity and adventure too! You have a great imagination, Truedessa.

  3. I just started reading some of Truedessa's work over at Dverse, and I have to say that Truedessa writes really good poems. I especially like the "Beyond the Milky Way" one that you've posted here because the poem really takes us on an adventure. It included some sensual aspects as well as some really great imagery. I like that a poet is able to draw the reader in.

    1. Thanks Kenn I am glad you enjoyed the adventure poem. They really are fun for me to write.

  4. you've found the heart... a nice place to be... who doesn't like bit of romantic fantasy

  5. Replies
    1. Yes, you do Gail and I thank you for your visits and kind words.

  6. I have enjoyed Trudessa's writing ever since I started blogging myself.. lots to learn, and sometimes that fun which makes me smile..

    1. Thank you Bjorn, I enjoy your work as well, especially those sonnets.

  7. I have enjoyed Trudessa's writing ever since I started blogging myself.. lots to learn, and sometimes that fun which makes me smile..

  8. Truedessa and I were introduced by wolves, in a dream, and I am so grateful! She is also very modest, which is why this is a blog of the week and not an interview. I will take what I can get, smiles, and happily.

    1. Hi Sherry,

      Thank you so much for featuring my site as the Blog of the Week. It really is an honor for me. Yes, indeed we were introduced by wolves in the dream world. May those dreams of yours come true and you get to your place of heart. The wolf is waiting. smiling..

    2. This HAS to be the year, my friend. You are most welcome. It is my pleasure! Am very glad you said yes.

    3. It is your turn! Make it so...

  9. O, wow, Sherry, this is so magical...your dream! I'm always enjoying Truedessa peaceful poems full of dreaming and fantasy. Thank you both for such nice conversation!

  10. Thank you humbird, I always appreciate your visits to my blog.

  11. one of my favorite people...
    and as much what she the heart (&person) behind it...
    she checks on me often, which is really cool...

    1. Brian,

      You know you are one of my favorite people as well. The hawk is always watchful. Thanks for all you support.

  12. I like the different poems you featured here, Sherry. Truedessa puts a lot of herself in her writings, whether it be her love and generosity or her adventurous energy. She is also a most supportive fellow poet. Thank you ladies for this great post.

    1. Thanks Gabriella, it is a pleasure to be among friends.

  13. Yes, Gabriella, supportive is something that Truedessa certainly is!! Thanks for that as well, Truedessa.

  14. Always enjoy the light hearted fool adventures indeed. All spurring from a single blog post, who would have thunk it. But away they go and they are sure full of adventure and fun.

    1. Hi Pat,

      From one post came some amazing adventures. Magical in so many ways. Thank you!

    2. These blog posts make some amazing connections!!!! I am in awe of how my life has opened up, thanks to the poetry blogging world.

  15. I discovered TrueDessa early on and I am happy to see her work featured as a blog of the week ~ I also enjoyed her fun and light adventures with Pat ~ You have really embraced the spirit of blogging - that is sharing & reciprocating in turn ~

    Thanks Sherry for the feature ~

    1. Thanks Grace, there are some great people out there that make the journey worth taking.

  16. Versatility, diversity, romance, humor, beauty and lots of talent - these are some of the ingredients in Trudessa's writing. Nice to see her here.

  17. What beautiful words to dream about Truedessa.

  18. Fabulous poetry and wonderful adventures...who could ask for more!

  19. Everytime I read Truedesa's work I couldn't help but smile in awe. Her series of adventures in words always transported me to a place filled with fun & excitement.The diversity of her imagination often inspires me as she brings positivity in a whole different vibe. Adorable! Smiles.

    - ksm

  20. this is wonderful!! I love her poems and it would be nice if we can get to know her better.

  21. Yes, Truedessa's blog is always a treat to visit!


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