Sunday, December 6, 2015

Poetry Pantry #281

Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia
Photos by Rosemary Nissen-Wade

Windswept Palm - Boatshed Restaurant, Maroochydore

View from front of Boatshed Restaurant

Beach at Mooloolaba

Mooloolaba Beach from Fourth Floor Restaurant

Playground waterway at Maroochyore Shopping Center

Waterway from other side of shopping center

Greetings, Friends!  Today our photos are contributed by Rosemary Nissen-Wade.  She has shared some photos she took during a recent visit to the "Sunshine Coast," which is one of Australia's holiday playgrounds.  Beautiful photos, Rosemary.  Thank you!

Well, we are moving along in December, and I will give everyone a bit of a 'heads up' for the upcoming holiday season.  Poets United will be taking a short holiday break so that both staff and other poets have a bit of time to relax during this time.  Poetry Pantry will be held as usual on December 20.  The break will take place between December 21 and January 2.  The usual schedule will resume again on Sunday, January 3, 2016, with Poetry Pantry.  Hopefully many will have written a poem over our break to share with us the first Sunday of the new year.

Lots of interesting poems were written last week for Susan's prompt "energy / vitality" at Midweek Motif.  Thank you, Susan, for coming up with some really unique and inspiring prompts.  This week be sure to join us for Sumana's prompt - "colors."  So many different directions to go with that one, so do a bit of thinking ahead.  Smiles.

Be sure to take a look at Rosemary's feature this past week on Ingrid Jonker's poem, "Ladybird: A Memory of My Mother."  Don't miss this interesting article & wonderful poem.

Tomorrow Sherry is featuring three poems of poets who regularly participate here at Poets United.  I know you will recognize each of them.  I hope you will enjoy the poems and the words of the poets!

With no further delay, please link your poem below.  We hope you will stop in and say 'hello' as well.  Be sure to enjoy the writings of other poets who have shared, as we all enjoy knowing our work has been read.  Happy December to all.


  1. Beautiful photos Rosemary...a very Happy Sunday to you all :)

  2. Wonderful photos, thank you for sharing them...


  3. Wonderful to see some color... Here it's all grey.

  4. What a fabulous spot to the views and the beach...been gray and raining lots here.

  5. Thank you for opening the doors on such a bright pantry view today - we could use some blue skies on this side of the hemisphere

  6. love the way the clouds complement the sweep of sea in the second shot - my poem too is of summer as its that time of year when we look back

  7. Thanks for this serving of Australia, photo wise, from Rosemary and a lovely Sunday to all

    much love...

  8. I'm so glad you all like the photos. It was a lovely few days away, early in November.

    I am sharing today a haibun written as I began that journey, which not many people read at the time.

  9. Love these images. It's a tad foggy and cold, in New York City. So thanks for the bright warmth! ♥

  10. Good day, everyone! will be back later to read.
    and thank you, Rosemary, for sharing these photos! :)

  11. Hey everyone,

    I seem to have come down with the common cold this weekend.. due to change in season.. winter finally arrives on my part of the world. Sharing my poem "What the heart wants" hope you all like it :)

    Thank you Rosemary for the beautiful pictures... they are certainly a welcoming sight for my sore eyes.

    Lots of love,

  12. Good morning, Friends! Happy Saint Nicholas Day to all. I remember when I was a child and used to get a small treat on this day because I was a 'good girl.' Smiles.

  13. Oh Rosemary - sheer paradise ...captured here so very beautifully 💙

  14. Someday I'm going to see these places in person, Rosemary, and meet you in person. Someday! My poem today is from my thanksgiving visit to my folks. This is the first time I'm showing it. I'll be in and out all day today and tomorrow as I treat myself to worship at various meetings and tea and poetry.

  15. Thank you Rosemary, I love the photos.

  16. Good morning, kids...Hobbling Woman is johnny-come-lately, as usual. LOL. Wonderful photos, Rosemary - cant go wrong with photos of the ocean. You live in a beautiful land. Ready to dive in to the Pantry! Thanks, Mary!

  17. Thank you Rosemary! I am still keeping firm to my desire to move to Oz if ever I win the lottery! At least maybe during our winter. Thesepics are so full of color and life. Happy Sunday to you all! May your grey skies become blue

  18. The photos are stunning. I'm sure Rosemary had a great time there. Thanks for the heads up Mary. I know I'll be pretty busy during the holidays. Have a good day.

  19. Oh, I do like the photos thanks for the warmth of blue skies. I hope everyone is enjoying their day.

  20. I enjoyed your photographs, Rosemary. I was struck by the similarities between the Sunshine Coast of Queensland and the Lower Mainland Coast of British Columbia. Sorry for posting late. It's been a very busy week - this time of year is so chock-a-block full, though, often punctuated with memories awakened with the fragrances of the season (I went a bit in that direction in my poem). I'm looking forward to visiting the posts this evening and tomorrow ("Catch-Up-Monday") - ha! Have a great week!


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