Sunday, August 14, 2016

Poetry Pantry #315

Photos of France
by Mary

Pornichet - a town south of Brittany

Town of Croisic
(which I thought was a pretty town)

William the Conquerer's castle
in Caen - Normandy

Some French young men 'looking for Pokemon'
at William the Conqueror's castle.
Pokemon surely gets around.  Smiles!

Cherbourg, Normandy
(one of the scenes from the movie "Umbrellas
of Cherbourg" was shot in this store)

Port of Cherbourg - lower Normandy

A fish market in Pornichet (click on photo
to enlarge it)

Greetings, Poets!  This week & next week I will be sharing photos from my recent time in France.  I took many photos, so selecting them was a bit hard.  Smiles.

Scroll back to Rosemary's I Wish I'd Written This to read an interesting poem by Australian poet Tony Page.  It is called Sunrise Adaman Sea, and it is fascinating to read the poem as well as the poet's story!

Monday, Sherry has a feature you don't want to miss!  She chats with Sumana on a subject that is very close to her heart....and will be a chat that you will not forget.  (Oops - Sumana's chat will be the following week.  Tomorrow there will be poems of the week by thotpurge, De Jackson, Matthew Henningsen and Mama Zen!   Enjoyable reading as well.)

Wednesday Susan's Midweek Motif is Cats!  A wide-open topic that we all will enjoy.  And yes, there really is something about cats.  I think many of us  have our cat stories.  Smiles.

Well now, let's share poetry.  After linking, say hello in the comments! And spend some time visiting other poets.


  1. Good morning.. Love the photos of France... The Pokemon is hilarious.

  2. Wonderful photos, Mary! Looking forward to another Sunday - dropping by the Poetry Pantry.

  3. Thank you for another pantry - and j'aime beaucoup les photos Mary! 🇫🇷

  4. Wow!!! Mary these pictures of France are amazing :D thank you so much for sharing them with us. Hope you all are having an amazing day so far, sharing my poem 'Sentiments,' which is very close to my heart.

    Lots of love,

  5. Good Sunday poet friends, i am still in Olympics mode, and yes; loving these photos from Mary, especially the clouds over the castle

    much love...

  6. What lovely pictures, Mary. I have never been to France. In these photos I am struck by the gentle quality of the light. Hope you all have been having a good weekend. Of course it is Sunday night here, so it might be my tomorrow before I read you all. Something to look forward to!

  7. Good morning again, friends. Nice to see some of you greeting us all here...(miss those who just linked and did not stop in to say hi) is a beautiful summer Sunday here. Appreciating every day of the season knowing it will pass too fast.

  8. That's a trip I would love to make! Marvelous photos, Mary.

  9. Hey! I'll be back!. I am delighted that you promise more of your wonderful photos, Mary. The "Umbrellas of Cherbourg" is one of my favorites.

  10. Welcome back Mary, thank you for sharing a bit of your adventure through your lens.

  11. Great photos Mary...I'll be back to join in once my shoulder heals more! Enjoy your week everyone!

  12. Oh, Mary, such beautiful photos, such a lovely place. It must have been wonderful wandering through the streets. I have to laugh at Pokemon meeting William the Conqueror's castle...history little note: on Monday we are featuring Poems of the Week on Poetry, given Sumana and I were having such a wonderful discussion, we decided to keep chatting a little longer. Her feature - which is not to be missed - will be on August 22nd, when she is back to easier internet access. Monday's poems are a treat - by thotpurge, De Jackson, Matthew Henningsen and Mama Zen! Enjoy!

    1. Sorry, Sherry.....well I am sure we will all enjoy the poems of four wonderful poets & will have an additional week to look forward to the article featuring Sumana. Smiles.

  13. What a great time you had in France, Mary! Love all these photos, esp. with water ones... I was participating in Haiku Summer Retreat posting almost every day, so I'm welcome everyone to take look at any of my haiku/tanka. Thank you! Have a great Sun-day!

  14. So nice to see these photos of a place I know well, Northern France is only a half hour plane trip away. Glad you had a good time.

  15. I bet you had a wonderful time in France! Thank you so much for sharing a part of that experience with us!

  16. Love the French world Mary from Pokémon catching to fish lively.....

  17. France is on my list, Mary :)
    Great pics!


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