Sunday, October 28, 2018

Poetry Pantry #426

Life is often like an escalator; sometimes
on the way up and sometimes down.

A Bit of Play with Light

One of the Above Lights Up Close

Top of a Trash Container in the Mall

Playing a bit with focus - this is intentionally out of focus

Greetings, Friends.  I am not saying that the above photos are masterpieces.  Far from it.  I took  a 1 1/2 hour class at the Apple store on mall photography with the I-Phone. I learned a few things, but these photos were just experiments! Have some of you also used your cell phone cameras just for fun?

Hope you all had a good week.  I had / am having a busy week. I will do the majority of my commenting on poetry a while after the pantry is up.  Lots of things happening here.

Hope you enjoyed Sherry's feature last Sunday - three of our wonderful male poets were featured.  If you haven't read it, there is still time to scroll back and read poetry by Hank, Frank, and Lee San!

For Midweek Motif last week, Sumana had us writing about winter, and this next Wednesday Susan will be prompting us to write about Money (for world savings / thrift day).

Sherry's I Wish I Had Written This on Friday was very moving.  She featured the poem "What Do I Remember About the Evacuation?" by Joy Kogawa.  Scroll back if you haven't read it.  It gave ME chills.

Monday Sherry features a blog of the week by a very inspiring poet.  Don't miss it.

Now with no further delay, let's share poetry.  Link your poem below.  Say hello in the comments.  Visit the poems of others who link.  Enjoy~


  1. Good morning, friends! Hope you enjoy sharing poetry with one another. It will take a bit longer for me to make my rounds today, but when I do I hope to see you on the trail! Enjoy your day and week!

  2. Have a beautiful October Sunday everyone

    much love...

  3. Hello... it's already afternoon here and getting dark.. we are switching back to "normal" time this weekend... the temperature has also dropped to almost winter... so it feels like a good time to be sitting here reading poems.

  4. I like your pictures Mary. Sounds like you have fun with photography.

    Hope everyone is having a good Sunday.

  5. Good day, everyone! Have a great week ahead!
    i am taking most of the photos with a smartphone now. :)

  6. Good morning, friends. I am tired but happy this morning, after a public poetry event last night in our botanical gardns. I was asked to read and it was altogether a lovely evening. This is such a wonderful place to live. Looking forward to a morning of poetry!

  7. p.s. Interesting photos, Mary. I love taking photos. I try for artsy shots, not too successfully, sometimes. Smiles. But it is fun to try. I especially noted the pretty garbage containers. Wow.

  8. thanks for hosting Mary :)

    Photography has changed so much since the sweeping advances to digital and then adding its "capabilities" to phones?! LOL - yup, call me a skeptic, but I schooled and studied in the old fashioned world of SLRS, so my love affair will always lie true there; but I have played a bit with small point-and-shoot pocket digital cameras and tinkered a bit with bigger DSLRS, and dabbled with the phones of others (I don't own a cellphone or camera, of any sorts, come to it, now - but maybe one day|). And it's interesting that this latest "onslaught" is much like when Kodak introduced the "Brownie" - suddenly, what was once held in the hands of a few became massively available and affordable - and that's not necessarily a bad thing. So ultimately, if you have the chance to play and snap - it's okay. Besides, if you are one who is naturally curious and enjoys seeing the world through the non-biased camera's eye, the lens of revelation is rather startling for its beauty. So enjoy and walk about and snap and see - there is always something to be held, visually - for a moment - and it can offer up a world of possible (poetic and other) inspiration. 😁

    Happy Sunday to everyone and may the new week be wonderful as you walk through it - camera/phone in hand, or not. Happy trails and poeming.

  9. Just arriving and starting the rounds. I posted an old one that is on my heart today. You may also want to see the one I wrote yesterday about the shooting in Pittsburgh, "Who Are We?"

    1. PS, I too, experimented with photos while writing for a train today. I'll put them on FB after I enjoy reading poetry for an hour or so. I enjoy seeing your experiments!

  10. My morning got hijacked, so I am slow making the rounds. I will make the rounds, even if it is later.....

  11. Mary, One of the things I love most about my phone is that I can take pictures. Some of them aren't very good, some are better... but the whole experience is great fun. I'm glad you're having fun with yours, too.

    I can't wait to delight in today's contributions (in a bit... must feed the tummy first).

    I hope everyone's weekend was wonderful and that this coming week will bring better things.

  12. Thanks, Mary, for another pantry. I think your fun photos are terrific! My method with phone photos is to take lots and hope some turn out OK. I also do a bit of editing if necessary. After finding my phone unexpectedly on low battery at a recent event, I am now resurrecting my little digital camera as backup

  13. Running a little late watching Grandchildren and unable to make it up the mountain, ice and snow, power outages eating a cold egg roll... : )

  14. Arriving late today! I hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday.

  15. I want you to know, I am having trouble commenting on your posts. Sometimes it will work, but most of the time it won't. Can anyone help me?


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