Sunday, May 12, 2019

Poetry Pantry #479

Good morning, poet friends! A bouquet of flowers for all of the wonderful mothers, grandmothers, and aunts out there. May you have the lovely day you deserve. 

Happy Mother's Day

Our thoughts are also with those whose children are no longer with you on this plane. This must be a day when joyful memories mix with the pain of loss. Our hearts go out to you, truly. And I know many of us are remembering our mothers and grandmothers today, heroic women, all, no longer with us but always in our hearts.

I am looking forward to what lies waiting in the Pantry for us. Thank you for being here on this special day.

Rosemary featured  some wonderful haiku by Connecticut poet Jason Goldfarb on Friday. Do scroll back, if you haven't seen it yet. On Monday, we will share boomerang poems by three of our regular contributors. We think you will really enjoy them. And on Wednesday, Susan's Midweek Motif prompt will be: Picnic(s). That sounds like fun!

Today, let's top up our coffee, and dive into the Pantry and some fine poetry. I love Sunday mornings! Link your poem, old or new, leave us a few words, and do visit your fellow poets, in the spirit of reciprocity. Thank you for being here. We appreciate you!


  1. Happy Mother's Day, poet friends. I am reading late, as usual on Saturday night, to greet you here before I go to sleep. I hope you enjoy a wonderful Sunday. There's no better way to start it than with poetry. Let's dive in!

  2. What a lovely Sunday, Mothers Day

    much love...

  3. Good morning everyone, been a while but I am looking forward to reading some poetry later today.

  4. My piece is about the larger essence of coming to be, which is the crux of Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day to whom ever it pertains.

  5. Good morning to all of you - and Happy Mother's Day to all mothers and those of you who play the mother role in the lives of others!

    1. Happy Mother's Day, Mary. Yes, one can certainly mother others, without giving birth. So lovely a gift.

  6. Good day, everyone!
    Will be back to read later. out to look for some food, and it's almost midnight here already. :)

  7. Had a wonderful Sunday as usual... time to dive into the poems.

  8. Good Morning everyone- Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there in Poetry land!

  9. Good Morning, Poets! Thanks, Sherry, for hosting Poetry Pantry today! Happy Mother's Day.

  10. Thank you, friends. I have so enjoyed all of your poems today. What a wonderful way to spend the morning.

  11. Happy Mother's Day, how ever you interpret the day

  12. Happy Sunday - Happy Mother's Day to all moms! Don't forget about mother earth as well. Let us be poets of mindfulness.

    peace and love...

  13. Happy Mother's Day! I linked a poem that was inspired by my relationship with my wife - the mother of our two boys.

  14. Yes, I love the reminder to love mother earth as well. Absolutely, the giver of all life. Has been a busy (and happy) day at the beach with my youngest daughter and my two granddogs. Sigh. I have a happy heart.

  15. I was convinced I had commented here already, but... it seems my memory and I were dancing different tunes.

    Sherry, I hope you had the best of weekends and that your Mother’s Day (and everyone else’s) was perfect.



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