Sunday, May 26, 2019

Poetry Pantry #481

Good morning, fellow poets! For the past couple of weeks, I have watched, with wonder and delight,  these tulips turn from closed green buds to open purple blooms. I thought I would share them with you this morning, hoping your day is sunny and your heart content.

On Friday, I featured a West Coast poet and friend of mine, Derek Hanebury. His book of poetry was written to honour his sister-in-law, tragically one of Canada's missing and murdered women. I hope you didn't miss it; the story and Derek's poetry are compelling.

Tomorrow, we are chatting with Elizabeth Crawford. The topic is How To Write a Poem When You're Blocked,  handy information to have during those times when the words are balking. On Wednesday, Susan's prompt at Midweek Motif will be: Peace. There are likely to be inspiring responses to this topic. And next Sunday, Magaly will offer her monthly prose prompt, From the Point of View of Trees, so let's get our pencils and pens all sharpened up for that!

For today, let's dive into the Pantry and see what goodies we can pluck out! Link your poem, leave us a few words to let us know how you're doing, and do visit your fellow linkers. Thank you for being here! We appreciate you!


  1. Hello... will need to come back later.

  2. Beautiful tulips indeed, Sherry. Thanks for sharing them, and for hosting the Pantry.

  3. Good morning to you all. Here we are having Memorial Day weekend. Hope that the rain stays away for all the barbecues planned for tomorrow.

  4. I love tulips! Thank you for sharing them with us, Sherry. It's Ramadan in my part of the world, so I will be back in the evening to read and comment. ❤️

  5. Sherry, I'm in love with your tulips. They look like upside-down fairy skirts. So pretty.

    Happiest readings, everyone!

  6. So beautiful the purple irises? Good Sunday everyone

    much love...

  7. Good morning, happy poets! It's a beautiful morning on the West Coast, and I'm at my sister's farm, communing with horses and dogs, so I'm a happy girl. Looking forward to reading poetry! Thanks for being here!

  8. Sherry - Your tulips are so lovely! Have a wonderful visit with your sister. And all, have a fabulous Sunday.

  9. Good day, everyone!
    gotta catch some sleep first, will be back to read later. :)

  10. Happy Sunday, poets! Thanks, Sherry! Hope to check back in, soon! :)

    1. Hi Frank,
      I tried to comment on your poem, but the comment may have been eaten by the Spam filter.

  11. I sure am enjoying all your fine poems today. It is sweltering hot here in the valley. Summer is going to be extremely hot, i'm afraid.


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