Monday, February 11, 2013

Poem of the Week~by Steven Federle

Kids, Steven Federle is a writing instructor at Solano Community College in Suisun City, California.  Recently, on his site, Poems of Steven Federle, Steven wrote a remarkable series of poems which seem to be meditations on life, death, loss and hope. I'll include three of them here. They are so beautifully reflective of this human journey we are making. 

To My Wife in Mourning

bright day,still birds, black
spots on the blue sky, slightly
sway in trees, and wait

for winter to stay
or summer at last to come
like you’re waiting for

the pain to stop, death
to give way to the winter
sun’s soft, warm embrace.

Before the Funeral

surround me.

Black ridges
scrape the sky.

Raw lacerations.

Gone are the songs of
hopeful winter birds,

gone to the mountains
of the sun.

In the valley of the moon,
bitter desolation.

So incredibly beautiful, reflective of nature's beauty, and of hope, even through times of grief. The fact that Steven wrote all three of these poems in the same week, and that the poem following is so deeply loving, in a time of loss, causes me to tip my hat in profound respect to him, and make this the Poem of the Week:


I will be there always
even though you don't know me.

My life will shine in your eyes,
O child of my child.

With your small, quick breaths
I will breathe again,
and when you cry
my faithful heart will again break.

So look for me in the still, high trees;
the green brilliance of the winking sun
will be our secret signal.

You don't know me, but
your soul, your golden love,
your fears and hopes
I will keep safe in my heart,

and in the soft wind will I sing to you
O beautiful child.
I will guard you
as you play.

Look up at dancing spring clouds
and shout your joy skyward
to me!

Way to be a human being, Steven, and thank you for your participation at Poets United.


  1. Utterly amazing, heart wrenching poetry.

  2. Thank-you for showcasing one of my favorite poets! Every. single. poem . he writes is gripping and powerful.

  3. Wonderful choices of poems, Sherry. Steven, these are indeed remarkable poems! As Sherry said, definitely reflective of the human journey.

  4. Steven's poetry is new to me, but I will surely be back for more. the third poem, especially, your choice for the poem of the week, feels particularly hopeful to me, granting that there is life beyond life, that connection exists between those who have died and those not yet born.

  5. Thank you all so much! I am overwhelmed!
    Steven Federle

  6. Each poem more powerful and touching here. What a wonderful series of poems from an amazing poet.

  7. Wow Steven, these are amazing!

  8. Steven, this is incredibly beautiful writing.


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