Sunday, January 12, 2014

Poetry Pantry #184

Victoria, B.C. Parliament Buildings at the Holidays

Victoria, B.C. Decorated Christmas Tree

A walk in the woods in Sooke,
30 minutes outside Victoria

The Sooke Coastline 
Sooke is a large peninsula surrounded by
the Sooke Basin and the open waters of the
Pacific Ocean and the Juan de Fuca Strait

A Quiet Cove

Greetings, Poets!  

Glad to see each of you here this second Sunday in January.  We had a great Poetry Pantry last week, and I hope this week we have the same kind of ambience.  It is always enjoyable for me to get to know you through your poetry; and I hope you feel the same.  Admittedly, I personally appreciate those with whom there is a feeling of reciprocity, which makes for a feeling of community.

This week I am featuring some photos taken by Sherry Blue Sky, when she was in Victoria, British Columbia, for the holidays.  Lovely photos of a most beautiful area!

Be sure to visit the interview Sherry Blue Sky has planned for tomorrow.  It is an interview of one of our regular Poetry Pantry participants that we think you will really enjoy!

Glad to see the great turnout  for  the first Mid-Week Motif last Wednesday.  We hope to see you again this coming week for another challenging prompt by Susan Chast!

And on Friday, remember to see who Rosemary Nissen-Wade is featuring on her I Wish I Had Written This!

I issue an invitation here to those of you who participate in Poetry Pantry.  If YOU have special photos that you would like me to feature some week, let me know what kind of photos you have.  There are participants here from many different cities, many different countries.  I think it is great fun to see different areas featured. I am especially interested in scenic views of your area or an area you have visited.  Send inquiries first to letting me know what you have.  I am interested in city or country views - in your home area or places you have traveled.

Anyway, with no further adieu, this is one of my favorite spaces to post poetry each week.  I hope you look forward to it too.  An older one or a new one, it's your choice.

Link your ONE poem.   Then leave a comment below. Then visit other poets.  And I will too.  (If I miss your poem, visit me, and I will visit you... I am like anyone else, appreciating reciprocity.) We ALL like comments, so if you link please DO spend time visiting others.  That is part of the fun as well.  We really like it if you link back to Poets United too, so we spread the Poetry Pantry word in the blogosphere.

Come back a few times on Sunday and Monday to see what's new.  Visit some strangers, and they will become new friends!  Making new friends and reading new poetry, what more could one want?

Also, don't forget to visit Poets United other days of the week.  For example, every Wednesday (after the new year) Susan Chast posts a new "Mid-Week Motif" prompt.  Hope you will join us there as well!  Sherry Blue Sky does a feature (it varies) on Monday, and Rosemary Nissen-Wade does "I Wish I'd Written This" every Friday!

If you are on Facebook, look for us there as well. Join our site.  It is one more way to stay in touch!

And is the procedure, for those who are new here:  Each Sunday we start a new post with a New Mr. Linky for you. This is so that you can post a link to a poem in your blog. The link will close Monday at 12:00 p.m. (CDT), but you can still visit the links of those who have posted them.



  1. Good Sunday morning to all! I have shared a poem I wrote last Sunday but was too late to link up.

    I hope everyone enjoys a relaxing day reading poetry.

  2. Sherry the photos are beautiful, but I especially like that last one of the quiet cove and I'll bet you did as well. Happy poeming to everyone,


    1. Elizabeth, my daughter will be getting married in that cove this summer. Yay! A seaside wedding. My favorite kind.

  3. ..lovely photos by Sherry, Mary... i especially liked the one in the woods with its frozen look... smiles...

  4. These photos are lovely Sherry. Happy New Year to everyone. Mary could you please remove 16. Rallentanda....oops....Ta Luv !

  5. Happy New Year!

    Well, I am joining you guys after almost three months, partly because my blog was hacked ( it's fine now) but mostly because I was working on my book. Anyway, my book is out now and to being this year, I am bringing you a poetic snapshot extract from the book.
    Happy Sunday Everyone !

    1. Horrible about your blog being hacked. Congrats on the book!!! Yay!

  6. Happy Sunday everyone. Back soon to visit you all.

  7. Happy Sunday poets! Lots of great photos for us to see this morning. Thank you Sherry and Mary!

  8. Greetings and Happy New Year to all at Poets United from a frosty morning here in the UK. today I have just posted my first new poem for 2014 on the site - hope you like it... And will be aiming to read all your lovely stuff sometime this afternoon, when I've had my breakfast! - Regards Scott

  9. I enjoyed the pictures. The North American Pacific coast is truly wondrous. I look forward to reading tomorrows interview. Ciao everyone.

  10. I plan to come back and visit this province again Sherry ~ Thanks for sharing the pictures ~

    Happy Sunday to all ~


    1. You must see Vancouver Island - and , if you can, the beaches of Tofino. Worth a trip, all on their own.

  11. Lovely photos! Happy Sunday, poets!

    Today, I'm sharing a haibun (prose + haiku) on a rainy night ... Smiles :) It's been raining all weekend, so I was inspired. Have a good week ahead, everyone!

  12. Good morning, Poets! So nice to see such an active pantry today! Have a great poetic week!

  13. there is just a natural beauty on the West coast..

  14. good morning..sorry i jumped right out to reading before remembering to stop in and comment here...enjoyed the shares so far...teaching the kids at church today so i need to run, but will come back by here in a bit...

  15. Running off to visit with a friend, but I will be back this evening to read these posts, my Sunday book of pleasure!

  16. Gorgeous photos, Sherry! Good Sunday morning to everyone. Hope you're all having a beautiful weekend.

  17. hello to everyone, forgot to say what wonderful photos, would've love to walk there, those trees are tempting.

  18. What wonderful photos! Thank you for this lovely post.

  19. Sherry sure took some beautiful pics.
    Glad to be here on this wonderful Sunday.

  20. Couldn't stop notcing how great contrast between the colors and the night in the first photo!

  21. Joining late because I was writing to a prompt.

    Sherry's photos, I love them, the calmness in her eyes. <3

    Happy New Year everybody.

  22. Mary,

    Late as usual, after caring for my grandson today...
    A departure was on my mind this evening...
    Happy Sunday,

  23. I hope everyone is safe and warm! Have a good week.

  24. have a good week, everyone!

    Sherry, thanks for sharing the photos!

  25. Photos are very interesting! Thanks for sharing, Sherry :)x


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