Monday, March 3, 2014

Blog of the Week~The Pensive One

I have a treat for you today, kids, a blog I have been meaning to feature for a very long time - The Pensive One. This poet is a bit of a mystery, as she prefers not to reveal her identity in blogdom. She writes beautifully, and is very talented. I know you will enjoy reading three of her most popular poems, ones that made me sit up and take notice. Enjoy!

Lying in a well-lit cage
With the smell of rain on my mind.
It's a garden of cement
With these ghetto butterflies...
Just three creatures that live in disguise...

We fear the fall and the futures
But we're too curious to walk away
The lions and virgins are here  tonight
Intelligences sway in a windless blackness
And the glaring light

We do not drink, nor do we dance
Lest it be to the music of our souls
And our callings we have yet to know,
We drink our cups of life and try to keep them half full
So that the numb days are not too dull...

How black the ground is
And the proof lies under our bare feet, under our shoes
Sand, mud, dust and dirt...

How white our minds are
The proof in all the colours we absorb
Our minds are in the sky...

The very first careless moment
I learnt of flight
The twins decided to let this, be their plight...

The Pensive

This pensive poet did post some information about herself on her blog. She tells us, "I am a lexophile, and a lover of languages, I have a passion for it and therefore I turned to writing poetry. I express the depth of my thoughts there within. It helps me lose myself when the weight of the world becomes too heavy on my shoulders. I simply cannot live without writing, It's like the second most natural thing in the world that I do, other than to breathe." 

Her words do flow just that naturally! Here is another lovely example:

We tread the desert so tediously
And when we find the water, we drink.
We're urgent enough to drink from anywhere,
We're urgent enough to risk the love of life...

Too cold for comfort -
She gives herself unto momentary doses of love
In order not to shatter
When these goings become tough...

There's always the anesthetic of the mind
And when we overdose
We might die inside...
In our sleep...
In the beauty of the worlds deepest and
farthest and
fewer between

Only then we shall be redeemed...

Like planets in the universe untouched by the sun
We were excluded
As the orbits complete themselves...
We were deluded by its warmth that never reached us.

Until we realise that the sun shines within us
We're the warmth for the broken ones...

She gives herself unto momentary pain
For strength but not for scars
For we become more than we are
When we've healed without the gain
Of markings that remind us
Of our once-broken selves...

She won't die inside...
In her sleep...
In the ghastly worlds deepest and
farthest and
fewer between

Or else she'll never be redeemed...

The Pensive

And one more very poignant poem:

Anticipation in a sparrow's soul
For winter to come so that they may go.
The South with its warm advancing glow
It's so alluring... And don't you know

I yearn for...

The snow that melts
All the intricate patterns away
And the rain that falls
For a few seconds of a light-refracting happy ending
Void of pretending...

I yearn as...

Darkness ebbs away
The buds are reaching toward the light
And soon they'll bloom to our sights,
Not a breeze allowing them to sway
This warmth makes it all all right.

I yearned finally...

The ice age has taken over
But you've made my heart remember warmth
And all the flowers have started to bloom
It ebbs away, this melancholy, violent and blue...

I yearn for you...

The Pensive

Thank you, pensive poet, for your beautiful poems, and for your loyalty to and participation in Poets United. We appreciate you!

Come back to see who we feature next, kids. Who knows? It could be you!


  1. I am myself a bit of an anonymously poetry blogger, but only because i cannot express myself truly if some certain people knew it was me posting...Great blog you've shared there, it's great to be reminded of the great bloggers from time to time!

  2. Thank you Sherry for featuring Pensive One's blog and sharing those beautiful lines.....
    her poems have that silver lining of hope in the darkness...

  3. Sherry, you have chosen some beautiful poems of Pensive One to share! I do always enjoy her writing.

  4. You are most welcome, my friends. It is always my pleasure to feature our talented community members. This is a very talented young lady!

  5. Three well written pieces. Very enjoyable reads.

  6. Lovely writing...deep and filled with meaning.

  7. "Until we realise that the sun shines within us
    We're the warmth for the broken ones... "

    How could I have missed this on my rounds? Bravo, pensive poet! Thank you for choosing her blog, Sherry.

  8. Yes, a lovely and intriguing poet. Thanks for the reminder; time I visited her again. :)

  9. very inspiring poems thanks for sharing sherry guess i will visit the blog.dbnidblog

  10. Sherry,

    I think you found some wonderful poems..

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  12. Thank you everyone! This means the world to me :)


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