Monday, August 31, 2015

Poems of the Week ~ The Power of Nature

In summer, we bask in nature's warmth and beauty, gather in lusciousness from our gardens, watch flowers blooming, hummingbirds humming, nature outdoing herself,  showering us with her goodness and bounty. I thought in this lush season we might enjoy reading a few poems about nature, written in recent weeks. Three that caught my eye were written by C.C. of Conscious Cacophony, Truedessa of  True Wanderings, and Gabriella of Gabriella's Writing Corner.  Let's dive in!

Sherry: C.C., would you tell us a bit about how your poem "Wildflowers" came about?

C.C.:  I can give a bit of background to it. Typically, Nature is soothing and healing for me and can always ground me in her embrace. But I went through a particularly difficult time towards the end of my marriage, during which even Nature was incapable of lifting me up....I was just so stagnant and my soul so broken. 

It's been three years since I left my husband. I wrote this poem to signify the end of that season of my represent that it's time now to let Nature do her work in me again, to allow the joy to flow, to grow....for those wildflowers to bloom once again. It's time for something different. Enough with the stagnation!!

I flay myself out upon the earth
bruised and bleeding
but she does not buckle, ever,

under the weight of my grief

I should be grounded
in her steady embrace
but I stumble and trip
upon my rocky
jagged soul

after years of drought
dried up yesterday’s
luscious, fertile hope
my stony heart
a fallow ground
for Joy’s seeds

now, more crumbled
than Fall’s leaves after
an icy Winter beating
I finally surrender
to Nature’s wisdom

seasons are for change
and it is time
for something different
Let the wildflowers bloom.

Sherry: Let the wildflowers bloom, indeed, my friend. I especially love "my stony heart a fallow ground for Joy's seeds." Hopeful and brave, a turning towards life and joy again. The power of nature to heal, both herself and us. Thank you for sharing with us the meaning of this poem. It enhances the reading of it for the reader, for certain.

Now let's take a look at Truedessa's poem, "Finding Rhythm on Rockin' Waters".

First, I would like to say I am honored to have my poem featured at Poets United. "Finding Rhythm on Rockin' Waters" was inspired by the picture I took on a recent trip. The moment was captured on my camera and in my heart. It was a beautiful day and I was feeling reflective. I walked along a cliff wall taking in the sights and sounds. How many had taken this walk before me? My poem is about resilience, our inner strength and faith, that keeps us moving much like the rockin' waters. It is about believing in dreams and following them, even if you have to fall a time or two. More importantly it is about healing and finding balance in the journey.

Sherry: Such an important message, my friend. Nature and we humans both require balance, to be well.

Sometimes in life we skin our knees
on jagged rocks in the journey
making our way to healing waters

Rocks of various colors and shapes
the very bones of mother earth
each joint holding us together

Tranquility as blue water waves
hello, come rest your weary soles
let your thoughts flow freely

Wash away yesterday's sorrow
off a rocky coastline a ship
of dreams billowing sails

Chatty seagulls tell a story
dolphins splash offering a song
healing body, mind and spirit

Once again finding rhythm
with each breath of salted air
standing on solid rock

Sherry: I especially love "making our way to healing waters" and rocks being the "bones of mother earth". I can see the ship of dreams, and hear the dolphins' songs. Your use of such beautiful imagery is uplifting, and it also reminds us of our connection to the earth, which grounds us when things get rocky!!

I was really blown away by Gabriella's recent poem, "Apocalypse". Gabriella, how did the idea for this poem come to you? 

Gabriella: The poem was born out of concern for climate change and the fact that I find that politicians worldwide seem to be only moderately worried and ready to call for action, as well as take necessary and urgent measures.

Sherry: I share that concern, as you know. You wrote this for a dverse prompt to write in the style of Emily Dickinson, which you achieved wonderfully. Were you satisfied with it on completion? 

Gabriella: My writing was very much impacted by the form. I wanted the poem to be short and include as many Emily Dickinson techniques as possible. I wished to write in common meter since it is a meter that is quite characteristic of a lot of her poems. Obviously I was then limited to using iambs and this is a challenge, when your first language is not English, even if you know where the stresses are in each word.

I also wanted one or two images. The blue moon was an easy one as I had seen mentions of it during the day as this rare occurrence was to take place on Thursday night. The ‘muffled birds’ and nature choking came rather easily when I wished to express the idea that the air was too polluted for anyone or anything to breathe any more. When I used ‘prevails’, I thought of sail for the rhyme and the last image came almost instantly. I pictured a vast and empty ocean where the last sailing boat was folding its sails.
I then proceeded with the dashes for pauses and eventually capitalized some words that I deemed important. 

I do not remember reworking the poem but, as I mentioned, I struggled with the meter. I was happy to have encapsulated my main thoughts within the scope of two stanzas, as I was not certain I could have added another powerful one.

Sherry: I think you achieved your objective flawlessly. It is an impressive write. Do you feel the future is as bleak as this poem foretells, or do you hang onto hope that humanity will get it together in time to turn things around?

Gabriella: I hope that we humans will wake up before it is too late. Sometimes it is hard to hang on to that hope though.


what ever will remain when all
is Gone - the last blue moon
observed - when lights are Out
and muffled birds just Swoon

who will be left to testify -
when Darkness falls, prevails -
feel nature Choke and see
this planet fold its sails?

Sherry: The impact is stunning, Gabriella. Thank you so much! The power of humans to upset earth's equilibrium, the power of nature to respond.

I agree, it is hard to hang on to hope. Tough legislation was needed years ago; they are moving far too slowly, while global warming is accelerating. Yet we need to go on hoping. Mother Earth is so beautiful, and generous, so deserving of our love and gratitude. And our protection.

I hope you enjoyed these three wonderful offerings, poetic friends. Do come back and see who we talk to next. Who knows? It might be you! 


  1. Sherry these are wonderful pieces...powerful messages and images each about life and nature and how important it is to us. To each poet I say well done and thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey. These are some good people that you highlight today. I read all of these when they were published originally on their blogs - so they got feedback from me already. CC - was working on a wildflowers piece this weekend myself - and had not remembered yours but I have a special place for wildflowers.

    Tru is def a good peeps and her connection to nature is solid in many of her pieces, as well as the rhythm of life. Must come from being a drummer, eh?

    And Gabriella asks some tough questions that we need to consider before it becomes a reality. Wish life allowed you more time to write.

    1. Thank you, X. You have always been a great supporter. I hope to still write poetry periodically before it becomes regular again.

    2. Thanks X - I always appreciate your visits to my blog and your thoughtful comments. It means a great deal to me. Yes, the drummer in me will always have a song.

    3. Thank you, X. I always look forward to reading your poetry. It's so intelligent and thought-provoking!

  3. It is an honor to be featured along with CC and Truedessa. Thank you, Sherry, for showcasing my poem.

    1. It is a privilege and a pleasure, Gabriella. Your poem makes a strong statement that goes straight to the heart. Bless you!

  4. Sherry,

    Thank you so much for featuring my poem. I am lucky to share the spotlight with CC and Gabriella they are wonderful poets. I am honored.

    Poets United is a wonderful community - Thank you all for supporting the wanderings of my mind, heart and pen.

    Peace & Light

    1. We love reading your adventures, Truedessa, and hope to follow your travels for many more years. You are most welcome, as always, it is my pleasure.

  5. Beautiful poems and a wise person. Mother Nature certainly needs our help.

    Great post, Sherry and Gabriella!

    May both of you have a blessed week.

  6. CC, I was very moved by your poem. I especially like your last stanza...yes, sometimes seasons are for change. And with the change, oftentimes, comes new life.

    Truedessa, I do defintely see your poem being about resilience! Somehow we all must find that rhythm.

    Gabriella, I think you have asked some important questions. Who will be left to testify? Will anyone be left to testify? A powerful poem!

    CC, Truedessa, Gabriella --- I so much appreciate your supportiveness of Poets United. Thank you.

    Sherry, you have chosen wonderful poems. Kudos to you.

    1. We do have a very talented membership in this community, dont we? I, too, appreciate the supportiveness and reciprocity of these fine poets.

    2. Thanks so much, Mary. I appreciate your kind words :-)

    3. Thank you, Mary! We all appreciate the good work carried out by the team at Poets United.

    4. Mary, Many thanks for all the support you have given me. It means so much.

      Peace & light always...

  7. Well, kids, I am sorry to be late to this happy event, but I survived my day looking after four kids, from six months to thirteen years, at various levels of special needs, all foster kids. I admit I am now indulging in something a little stronger than baby formula, LOL! Four more days to go. The baby was the sweetest little guy ever - and he CRIED when it was time for me to leave. I've still got it! LOL.

    1. Haha, that's awesome, Sherry! Sounds like you certainly deserve something a little stronger than baby formula after all that ;-) Thank you for all your hard work here, and every's an honor to be featured with such great poets as Gabriella and Truedessa, and to be part of such a supportive community. Poet's United is full of so much talent and encouragement. Thanks for being so warm and welcoming to me :-)

    2. Enjoy your Adult Formula, Sherry!

    3. I am so glad you made it after a busy day and I am sure the kids kept you very busy. I wanted to thank you for all you do here at Poets United. I think you foster a community filled with spirit and love.

      People like you and the staff here make it a joy to write and share...

    4. Thanks, kids, we have a GREAT staff! And Mary keeps us all sailing smoothly along. I've been on staff at PU since 2010, and it has been one of the great pleasures of my life. Keeps me busy, happy and connected with all of you amazing poets.

    5. I see how your work satisfies you, Sherry. Still, I'm not sure I would survive all of it. Bless you. Do you have a preference for taking care of horses, dogs, children or poets?

    6. Dogs all the way, kiddo. Next lifetime I will own a sanctuary for abused and abandoned dogs. My daughter hopes to do it this lifetime but if I am to take part, she needs to hurry up, LOL.

  8. Three wonderful poets and their offerings...Thanks Sherry for sharing these gems with moving and thought provoking pieces...thank you ladies :)

    1. Thank you, Sumana, for your kind and supporting words.

  9. My favorite images:
    "more crumbled / than Fall’s leaves after / an icy Winter beating / I finally surrender
    "Tranquility as blue water waves / hello, come rest your weary soles
    "see / this planet fold its sails"

    Wow, Sherry! Very unusual nature poems, all three! I see why they struck you and love that you brought them together here. Thanks, everyone!

    1. I love the unusual slant each poet has on the impact of the natural world on we humans, and - especially in Gabriella's poem - our impact on it in return.

  10. Thank you for offering, Sherry. I enjoyed them all. The openness after healing in C.C's poem for new adventures, the resilience to move forward despite any difficulties/falls in Tru's lines, and Gabriella's brief & meaningful versus about climate change. I appreciate the inspirational values of these poems as well! Thank you!

    1. I am glad you find them inspiring, humbird. Thank you!

  11. You are most welcome, my friends. I love my job!

  12. Thank you for featuring these three talented ladies Sherry :D their poems are so captivating and truly exude the importance of mother nature. Looking forward to reading more of their fabulous work in the days to come ahead :D

    Lots of love,

  13. You chose three very powerful poems here Sherry. I am grateful to C.C. for sharing something so personal. Trudessa's thoughts are so sincere and the calmness in the nature she describes is delightful. Gabriella's poem is like the proverbial slap from old time movies. The response is "Thanks, I needed that." The combination of poems here helps me to see that I need balance in my approach to nature. I need to love her and hope for the very best, while not pretending there isn't real danger that threatens her and us. Thank you Sherry. I so much enjoyed this post.

    1. Thank you, Myrna. I too appreciate Nature and its beauties but also feel how vulnerable it is.

    2. Thanks Myrna - nature is where I find my peace when I am in turmoil.

  14. Thanks for the feature of the 3 poems Sherry ~ Theme of the nature is relevant and always reminds me of nature's wisdom ~ Well done ladies ~

  15. I am so happy these poems got another chance to be read and appreciated. Thanks to their authors, and to everyone who came to read and comment.

  16. Thank you for your nice comment, Loredana.


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