Sunday, August 2, 2015

Poetry Pantry #263

Photos of Devon, England
by Jae Rose

Rainbow from Jae Rose's window

Church on Solar Eclipse Day in Devon




Good Sunday, Poets!

Hope each one of you is enjoying a good weekend. We are having a good stretch of weather here.  Not too hot and not too cold.  Just perfect.  This weather could last forever.

Thanks to Jae Rose for her photos today!!  I really like the photo of the church at the time of the solar eclipse!  Really, I am looking for photos, so if YOU have some to share on Sunday, please do let me know.

Wasn't Rosemary's new feature, Moonlight Musings: What Price Poetry? wonderful? Rosemary definitely is a well-seasoned poet, and we are fortunate to have her write articles for us.  Please take a look at this one if you have not seen it already!

Sherry has a wonderful interview prepared for Monday and is also pinch-hitting for Susan this week at Midweek Motif.  Her prompt is "Saying the Names With Love."  You can prepare a little for it by thinking of the names of places you love.  I am sure you all have at least one.

And this Friday, we have a real surprise for you.  Sumana will be sharing a favorite poet of hers for The Living Dead!  Can anyone guess who this poet is?  Wonderful article - stay tuned.

I heard very briefly from Susan.  She said her progress is slow & she has pain, of course.  Do continue to keep her in your thoughts.

If you have Facebook, do think about following Poets United on Facebook.  That way you are informed of each new feature.

With no further delay, hope that you will enjoy the Pantry today.  We always enjoy it if you leave  a short comment when you post.   Do be sure to visit the links of others as well.  It is sort of like knocking on the doors of others, I think.  When we leave a comment, we let someone know that we enjoy having them among us.  The blogosphere IS quite a neighborhood, isn't it?

Do have a good week!


  1. Hey everyone,

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.. I m currently in Karachi for a week.. so its a lot of fun here visiting relatives after such a long time. Sharing my poem "Trespass" hope you all like it! :D

    Thanks for sharing such lovely pictures Jae :D

    Lots of love,

    1. Ah, take some photos of Karachi to share in the pantry sometime. That would be cool.

  2. PS: I ll come by later in a while to read and comment!!

  3. Thank you for opening the pantry doors again and for putting up my snaps! on Devon time at the moment (e.g. very very very slow) so may be a bit late in replies and posting but will get there eventually!

  4. Love the pictures Jae specially the church one ~ Thanks for the photos ~

    Happy Sunday everyone ~

  5. beautiful photos Jae... happy Sunday to you all...
    by the way, i can't get to Sanaa's blog, don't know why...

  6. Good morning, everyone! Hot and humid here today... good day for reading some fine poetry, I think!

  7. Jae those photos are magical with the rainbow and eclipse. Happy Sunday all....time to pick some veggies and then I can't wait to get started reading.

  8. Jae's photos are lovely. In the first one, the tree looks like one our our yellow flowering Poui trees here in Trinidad and Tobago, They flower around Easter time

    a lovely Sunday to all

    much love...

  9. The photos are gorgeous, especially the last tree feels so good to post a poem again. It's been many months since I've written. Wishing everyone a great Sunday!

  10. Jae's photos are lovely! I realise she's an artist that way too. I particularly love the tree.

  11. Beautiful photos (snaps... I love the English :-)
    Just getting back into town after a tour in Ohio, I look forward to reading everyone work and the many lovely and delightful styles.

  12. Love the photos, Jae Rose! Thanks for sharing them :) I'm off to work soon, so I'll be making most of my rounds later this evening and tomorrow. I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday and the week ahead :)

  13. Good morning, shiny poets! Jae Rose, your photos are intriguing. You see with an artist's eye. I love the bottom photo, looking up at that big old tree - and how cool to snap a rainbow through your window. Today will be at my desk as I have Much To Do (as always). Am looking forward to some good reading. Here the heat is beastly. Jasmine and I hide indoors.

  14. Love the photos, thanks Jae for the little trip to England!

  15. I love that tree photo, Jae :-) Super angle. Happy Sunday everyone. I'll be around later tonight and tomorrow to read everyone's entries.

  16. Jae's pictures are great!h Hope Susan continues to recover well and her pain subsides. Thank you always Mary for your faithful service here. It's so nice of you to be around every Sunday. Have a good week.

    1. Myrna, nice for YOU to be around on Sunday too! Smiles.

  17. Wonderful pics, Jae!! Came to Poetry Pantry after a long time. Life has been a bit hectic for me at the ,moment. Somehow managed to jot down a few lines to be here. Thanks Mary for giving us the platform. I will have to come back tomorrow to read the other entries...its far into the night here!
    Happy friendship Day, everyone..

  18. Hello everyone, Happy Friendship Day. Got a little late as I was celebrating friendship day with best friend. Today's poem is my dedication to her. Tried to write a Tanka.

  19. glad to be back after a while. :)

  20. Mary,

    I'm preparing for my holidays later in the week; France and Switzerland are my destinations. So, lists are on my mind at this moment. Perhaps I'll have some new photographs to share with The Pantry, on my return.


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