Sunday, February 14, 2016

Poetry Pantry #289

Photos of Quebec #2
by Humbird

Hello Friends, and Happy Valentines Day to everyone! Today, for the second week, we have Humbird's photos of Quebec, Canada!  Thanks again, Humbird.

Any DOG LOVERS who haven't yet read Rosemary's Friday Post at I Wish I'd Written This, please scroll back and read. She shared the poem "Red Collar" by Tanya Delys Mandoria, and it is just delightful.  Read it, and you will see.....  (One of my favorites....smiles.)

Monday Sherry Blue Sky is featuring a Blog of the Week by one of our Canadian bloggers.  Hope you will come back for a look!

This next Wednesday Susan is returning to Midweek Motif with her prompt:  Marriage!  Think about it in the mean time.

With no delay, let's share poetry.  Choose one of your poems new or old.  Link it below.  Stop in to the comments and say hello.  Visit others who post.  Simple as that! See you each on the trail as the day goes on.  Have a great mid-February week.


  1. Good morning.. A very nice set of pictures to start the day.

  2. Thank you for another pantry - and trip to Quebec - apologies if i can't return comments and visits.. as always I appreciate your visits

  3. Hey everyone,

    Happy Valentine's Day :D sharing my poem "To love would be sublime" hope you guys like it. Thank you Mary for yet another beautiful pantry and Humbird for the lovely pictures :D

    Lots of love,

  4. Good morning everyone, work day but I'll be by to visit throughout the day.

  5. Love seeing more beautiful shots of Quebec Humbird! It is -21F here this morning. Coldest weather yet and over 3 more feet of snow in 3 days....all of this is typical for February so winter is here. Hope everyone is warm and enjoying this Sunday.

  6. Lovely photos; the Frieze is the showstopper for me. A Happy St Valentines Day to all

    much love...

  7. Best of mornings to everyone! It is a cold, cold day here. Hope to warm up by reading poetry!

  8. Good Sunday, everyone!

    I'm loving these photos, especially the one with the red and yellow front... so bright and pretty.

  9. Best of mornings to everyone! It is a cold, cold day here. Hope to warm up by reading poetry!

  10. Wonderful photos of what is obviously a fascinating city.

  11. thanks for sharing Humbird and love is in the air late afternoon from me

  12. Happy Valentine's Day... I see everyone in the pantry for some literary Chocolate treats :-)
    ps: Beautiful Humbird!

  13. Good day, everyone! glad to be back after a break. :)
    Thanks for sharing the photos, Humbird!

  14. Good morning, friends. Humbird, your photos are wonderful! Thank you. Looking forward to some good reading with my tea. Trying not to be as terrified by this week's Midweek as I am by the institution. Ha, Wild Woman may have a thing or so to say on the topic. Smiles.

  15. Happy Valentine's Day poets!! The pics are amazing, Mary!Thanks for the info....Am going to read Rosemary's poem just now.
    I have been busy lately...hence, have not written orread much. Need to get organized a bit...
    See you all in Midweek...:)

  16. Happy Valentine's Day to all. Have a wonderful week.

  17. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Thanks again, Mary for sharing my photos,enjoyed by all! Hope to post and read later... thank you...

  18. Good Afternoon, seeing these photos makes me want to take a trip to Quebec. Much love to all!

  19. I would love to visit Canada again. Especially Quebec! Thank you for sharing! I resurrected an old one. Off to read!

  20. Mary,

    I was busy yesterday with Valentine's Day appointments.
    Just added my poem before The Pantry closes.
    Best wishes for a lovely week, Eileen.


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