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My friends, today we are catching up with  Tatius Darksong, who writes at Broken Voices. We last spoke with Tatius, known in real life as Scotty Bridges, in an interview in 2012 . Tatius has had two wonderful new additions to his family, who have been keeping him busy for a couple of years, so, when I saw his name start popping up again in links at Poets United, I knew we needed to visit him again, so he can bring us up to date.

Sherry: Tatius, it has been so nice seeing you back at Poets United! I see our interview with you was way back in 2012, so we are overdue for an update.  What is happening in your life these days? How is your wonderful wife, and family? 

Tatius: Well life has slowed down somewhat for me, not traveling now as much since we last talked. But I have two wonderful kids which I devote most of my time to.  My son will be three years old in March and my daughter just had her first birthday. I also have a grandson since we last interviewed; he is seven months old now. 

So that’s what's happening in my life now - being a proud Papa for the second time. My wife is still as wonderful as ever and I am very  thankful every day for having her in my life. The work hours are still long since I have to commute, but plenty of time to plan my day.


My daughter Zaida's first birthday

Sherry: What a beautiful family you have, Tatius! Tell us a bit about your life in Texas. Are you still happily planted there? I remember you grew up there and returned as an adult to the place where your roots lay. And that you have a grown son who is a firefighter there. What do you love about it?

Tatius: Life is great here in small town USA, that's the good thing about being here. Everything is right here to sustain a healthy family life: plenty of outdoors. I love that, and my kids enjoy the outdoors too. When my wife first arrived here she said it was just like her home and after visiting the Island of Camiguin, I experienced what she meant - the small town atmosphere.

Phillippines in the mountains

People are friendly, and you have neighbors that you actually know and a good place to return to after a long trip away. What I love most is the advantages of raising children here, and being able to enjoy the same things as my wife and I enjoyed.

Locals fishing for the daily catch

Sherry: What took you away from writing for a time, and what brought you back? (Were so glad youre back.) One thing about writing; during the busy times, it waits for us, and is always right there when we do pick up our pens.

Tatius: Well, Sherry, I never stopped writing; I just slowed down.  One thing I found out: once you start and that side of you has emerged, you can never cut it off. If the mind is functioning and you have something to scribble on, you will write. 

For me it is an emotional thing. I write what I feel and what I experience within myself and others that I have had contact with. So the reason for the slow down was to spend more time with the family. With a new son, most of my time was devoted to the family. This was her first baby, and I guess since this was my second, I became the teacher on the do's and don'ts (changing diapers, feeding, sleepless nights, etc.) Then I realized this is something all new for me in a different aspect.

From our back yard

What I mean by that is: being a daddy at a younger age is totally different than becoming one at a more mature age. I think a person's whole outlook on life changes if you can just wrap your mind around the experience. I want to say it helps you become a better parent, you have experienced the world and what it has to offer and it clicks. Now you know this is what you need and have to do as a parent. So with that I was blessed with a most inquisitive little baby boy. I teach, and he teaches me. Which has become another chapter and more to write about as we grow.

Sherry: I so agree about our awareness  deepening as older parents (and grandparents!). Plus we know enough to enjoy and savor every moment. Watching the world shine anew through the eyes of little ones rekindles our sense of wonder.

Tatius: A year later, once again I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl and she just stole my heart. They always say little girls will do that to their dads and I get their point now, now. I love both equally and I never show favoritism between the two. So now they both get their equal share of daddy's time as well as the brother, sister and daddy time so now less writing time.

Sherry my time with them is more precious than anything, and the new memories they give me to write about, along with the past memories of my childhood and family life. If I can write something once a month then that's good for me. 

Actually I never left Poets United. I still visit some of the other blogs and read and leave an occasional comment. I am still learning and what better way to learn than to experience others and their styles. So I never left, just hanging out in the background enjoying the stories, poems and pictures on everyone's blogs. Not traveling as much as before, so now I travel through their words and pictures.

Mountains in Canada

Sherry: That's cool, Tatius. Those children are the first priority, and it's nice to know you were still reading even during the quiet times. You have been with us a long time.

Do you find blogging helps to keep you writing, knowing there are readers for your work? Is it a source of encouragement and support for you?

Tatius: Yes I do, but never knowing if I have any readers sometimes gets discouraging. But that one time you get that acknowledgement that someone noticed, it fuels that fire to continue. 

A little story that has been my inspiration: my Nephew was like my little brother; we grew up together. I was his big brother/uncle. He saw one of my poems I had sent to his mother and he noticed the name Tatius Darksong. He said he never thought anything about it until he saw some framed poems hanging on the wall behind his co-worker's desk and saw the name again. He asked his co-worker where he got the poems and he said he had printed them from a blog site that had pictures and poetry on it. He said he just smiled and told the guy "I know Tatius Darksong personally", and he was asked how does he know this person and he told him "that's my uncle". Now if that's not motivation and inspiration to continue, then I'm lost for words.

To think someone just surfing the web reading blogs thought enough of something I wrote to frame it and display it on their wall. My nephew died two years ago and the definition of inspiration has been posted on my blog to remind me of his words and the look he had when he told me this story.

Sherry: Tatius, I am so sorry for the loss of your nephew. I love the story about his co-worker who was moved by your poems. I remember reading a poem of yours some time back in which the grief was palpable. I am thinking, now, that it must have been about his death. Do keep writing.

Tatius: Several of my writings consist of events that have been a part of my life, good or bad; when it needs to come out it will come. I continue to write and post when I can and I have several writings that will never make it to my blog. They will remain in my collection. As I told you once before, I do this for my kids, so they will really know me as a person: my moods, my thoughts and not just as Dad. I will leave the collection with them to read so when I'm gone they will have some of my  Innermost thoughts as their reminder.

Sherry: That is a good plan, my friend. I am doing the same thing for my kids and grandkids. Would you like to choose three of your poems to share with us? And tell us something about each one, and how it came to be?

TatiusSure, l can do that.  The ones that I share cover some of the things I have discussed so far in our interview.

As you grow

With each step you move away
going into life alone
as you grow,
I follow you from a distance to catch
you on those shaky grounds.
To pick you up, dust you off
to hold your hand as you walk.
Each time you pull away curious
about each step you must take.
As you look back at me, I see in
Your eyes a look saying I'm okay
Let me go.
I hide behind the curbs you will pass
the walls you will climb
the barricades you will go around
the roadblocks you will go through,
as you grow.
I see you looking over your shoulder
checking, I'm still here.
With each step you move away
curiosity takes your hand
With each step I watch as you grow,
I will always keep watch
as you go.


I wrote this when my youngest son started walking, he would wander all around but always looking back to make sure I was close by. I then thought about how he would act as he grew older and venture out and me worrying about him.

Sherry:  This poem is very moving. It takes me back to when my youngest was three, and she started walking ahead of me across the park one day. In that moment, I realized it symbolized just how often she would be walking beyond the safety of my protection as the years went by. And so, in fact, it was. But we do keep watching. I adore the photo of you and your little man!

And now for a second poem:


To create something,
when there is nothing left.
To create one thing
from everything,
when there is no more to add,
where does one look?

To create a land of fantasy,
when the visions are gone.
To dream of what if's,
When the desire vanishes.
Where does one look?

To see a smile,
that was always there.
To hear laughter even
when there was hurt.
To see your face,
when you are no longer here.
Where does one look?

To create something,
when there is nothing left.
To create one thing,
from everything.
To recreate memories,
when you are no longer here.
Where will I look?

To create one thing,
When there is nothing left.
I will create a place and
look no more.
There will be smiles,
 I will see you there.

© Tatius

It took me awhile to accept the fact of my nephew's passing and even longer to finally put anything on paper. I'm still not sure this is my final thing to write; I doubt it will be, but one day I will be satisfied with what I write. Then I can say this is for my little brother.

Sherry: This is beautiful, Tatius. I especially love "There will be smiles. I will see you there."

volcano on Camiguin

One day

We were images of light,
sounds of clickty klack clickty klack,
faces in a box; feelings on a board.
Miles and miles apart,
but, one day.

We were late night hours,
long phone calls, tears of sadness,
laughter and joy, heated debates;
breakups, makeups.
Miles and miles apart,
but, one day.

We were best friends, worst enemies.
we were inseparable morning, noon
and night.
We took walks we had dinners and drives,
even though; miles and miles apart
but, one day.

We were taught and shown how to love,
we learned the art of patience,
so well that each parting
was heartbreaking but knowing,
one day.

Four years we waited,
now it seems as if only yesterday,
when it all began.
Now, I sit here you in my arms,
no clickty klack, no volume switch,
no wifi, no cell phone.
Just you; real to my touch,
and I think how we waited so long
for this,

© Copyright All Rights Reserved ~ SlaRueB 011516
From the Collection of T. Darksong

Sherry: Oh how I love this one: the trajectory of love, across distance until this one day. So lovely. (I love happy endings / beginnings!)

Tatius: Finding the love of my life was a trial of patience and endurance, but it was worth every bit of the wait. I can only say this is as real as real can be for me.

This poem is one of many during the growing relationship between my wife and myself. At the time she was traveling between Mexico and Canada and our only time together was by phone or Skype. I would travel to see her whenever possible, but modern technology was the main source daily.

Sherry: How wonderful you found each other in this big world. It is true technology keeps people connected over vast distances quite wonderfully these days. Astonishing to someone my age, given letters through the mail was the main means of communication when I was young. Long distance telephone calls were only for emergencies back then.

Are you still drawing and painting? 

Tatius: I haven't had much time for either drawing or painting but I have two little students that don't know it yet, but I will be a strong influence in this area as they grow. My family has a long history in artistic talents; some came easy and some had to be taught. The talent was there but it just had to be fine- tuned, so hopefully I can get them started so they can develop. 

My oldest son has the talent to be a very good artist and now he has a son that he can teach. Now the youngest son may venture out on the singing side. He has been singing as long as he could talk, even before then. He got that from his mother. I couldn't carry a tune if somebody gave it to me in a bucket, but I love to listen to any type of music.

I began to work on my photography skills, as that is something I can do with the kids.  Maybe later I can pick the pencils and paint brushes back up again and will have plenty to share on my blog. 

Props for practice in lighting

I continue to take pictures to use as references to draw or paint from when I get the time. For the meantime, I am thinking of using the electronic route as far as some quick sketches, using one of the tablets. If this works out you may see some posted with my writing.

Tatius: I'm looking forward to it, kiddo. I am still smiling at the not being able to carry a tune if someone gave it to you in a bucket. LOL. (Kids, you might want to check Tatius' first interview, as  several of his wonderful paintings are included.)

Is there anything youd like to say to Poets United?

Tatius: I would like to thank each and every one of you for accepting me as you have. I have learned a lot and continue to learn by reading your blogs. As I stated in the first interview, I have never considered myself as a poet and still don't, but through the years I have learned from you what and how  you define being a poet.

Found it's not how many forms and styles you know, but what you feel and what makes you express yourself in the manner you do. We are all empathetic to our world and our surroundings, and we express it in the written word. To be a part of Poets United, I am humbled with greatest admiration for you all. Sherry, I owe you a special thanks. If not for you, I may really never have started this venture, and surely would never have kept it up.

Sherry: Why, thank you, my friend. I am humbled in turn, to think I had any part in your continuing to write. Thank you so much for allowing us this return visit. I am thrilled to hear about the two new little stars in your family. I know you are enjoying every joyful moment, and am so happy for you all.

Well, my friends, wasn't this a lovely visit? It seems to me Mr. Darksong's music is getting lighter and lighter,  full of love and happiness. Do come back and see who we talk to next. Who knows? It might be you!


  1. Thank you Sherry, I really appreciate your time and effort for this interview, I really enjoyed doing it and a big thank you to Poets United also for allowing me to post in this community and for your support. Again hats off to you Sherry :)

    1. You are most welcome, my friend. It is I who thank you, for the opportunity to get caught up with you and your beautiful family. Enjoy every minute with those beautiful little ones. It does my heart good to hear about happy families like yours.

  2. Really what an excellent interview this was. I really enjoyed reading what you have been up to, Tatius. And the poetry that you shared is wonderful! "As you Grow" is so poignant....I can't imagine there is a parent who would not be able to identify with this. And "One Day" is definitely the story of a relationship's beginning...and you are very fortunate indeed to have found the love of your life! Neat that you are also a photographer, and I hope you do get out your pencils and paint brush once again! Sherry, thanks for the update. As always you find out the most interesting things! And Tatius, I am so happy to see you back at PU again!

  3. Thank you Mary, it is good to be back and hopefully I can be more active and involved as time allows. Pencils and paints haha! Today I'm using crayons with my little boy he's showing me how to color in his book. Thank you Mary for the pictures posted in the pantry.

  4. This is a very heartfelt interview. You are right it is not about the forms you know it is about what resides inside that makes a poet speak. "As you Grow" a lovely poem about a parent's love for his/her child. I have to confess it made me a bit teary eyed.

    Keep writing something tells me you have much more to share.

    1. Thank you Truedessa, Something tells me I will have plenty more to share also. Thank you!

  5. Tatius - thanks for sharing from your beautiful and blessed life. Those children have an awesome daddy.

    1. Thank you Leslie Moon, it is truly a blessing. To find me just look for the guy with the biggest smile a permanent fixture now :)

  6. Another wonderful interview, Sherry. What an fascinating life you have, Tatius. Your poetry is layered, evocative and moving.

  7. it is a pleasure being introduced to you Tatius. lovely family, beautiful place, wonderful shared thoughts.

    as always, mi amiga sherry, you seem to make interview so felicitous


  8. Very good to hear about you Tatius - there is a solid sense of 'knowing' in your writing which feels very authentic and from the heart. I also admire your approach to shows great courage in a way to know that writing is there but doesn't always have to be shared - it's almost like allowing a flower to bloom - great interview tank you both

  9. This is a lovely interview. It's good to meet Tadiuls and learn about his family. The poems are all very touching and his sensitivity comes through in a beautiful way. I'm looking forward to reading more.
    Thank you Sherry for another interesting and inspirational interview.

  10. Am happy you enjoyed meeting our friend Tatius, friendly poets. I knew you would!! As always, it is my pleasure. I love my job!

    1. Once again, Sherry thank you for job you do the inspiration you give and the opportunities you offer.

  11. A wonderful interview! I loved each word! Thank you both!

  12. Once again I enjoyed meeting another poet here so thank you Sherry and Tatius....what a blessed life and family you have and I can see why that is your priority. I look forward to reading more of your poetry!

  13. Thank you, Tatius, for an inspiring interview. Your poetry is real and moving to say the very least. As always, Sherry, bravo!

  14. Was so touched by this the poems, by the events and the person behind them. Wonderful to know a little about you Tatius and to read your heartfelt work. And Sherry, thanks for a wonderful interview.

  15. hey Tatius, it's great to know a bit more of you, and what inspires your works. :)
    i like what you said about "it's not how many forms and styles you know, but what you feel and what makes you express yourself in the manner you do...". i think this is why we write poetry, to find our own voice.


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