Sunday, June 11, 2017

Poetry Pantry #357

Qatar landscape

Greetings, Poets!  Welcome to another Poetry Pantry.  We are really in the midst of the heat of summer right now here - even though it is not even officially summer yet.  Time to spend a little time with a glass of lemonade and a banquet of poetry!

The photo today is one taken in Qatar.  Why Qatar?  Ha, why not!  Qatar was in the news here last week; and it does look like quite a beautiful place.

Did you read Rosemary's Midnight Musings this week? One of her most moving and inspirational ever, I think. She talked about two poets whose poems she recently featured and described what happened as a result of their writing.  Truly, poetry CAN have an impact.  Read if you haven't already done so!

On Monday Sherry is featuring some 'staff poetry.'  I think you will enjoy the poems she chose to feature this time.

Wednesday Sumana's prompt is "Seeking the Extraordinary in the Ordinary."  We can hardly wait to see what you all come up with for that one.

With no further delay, let's share poetry.  Link your poem below.  Say hello in the comments & make the rounds, visiting the poems of others who have also shared.


  1. Hello everyone, sharing something different for me, an attempt, at writing song lyrics, based upon the late John Denver's "Leaving On A Jet Plane", for the inspiration.

  2. Morning Mary and All,

    Intriguing photo from Qatar – the desert and the lake of water – rather mirrors the mood here on a sunny morning after a wet night… To be honest life has rather swept me along, one way or another, these past few months, but finally have found enough space to release something new last week. Looking forward to sharing it with you all today and also catching up with your inspiring work too… Still quite early in the UK here, so off for a run first, before breakfast. Wishing you all a lovely day…

  3. Good day all. Bit of trouble linking this morning. Happy Sunday to all

  4. Hey everyone,

    Hope you're having an amazing day so far❤️ sharing my poem Untitled (what I am made of) thank you Mary for opening the doors to yet another beautiful pantry❤️

  5. Good Sunday morning once again, Friends! Really really hot today I am looking forward to reading your 'cool' poetry.

    1. 😊Luv this. It's not so hot here anymore. The rains are coming in.

      Much love...

  6. That's a beautiful photo. Thanks for cutting through distance and presenting a little of Qatar. Happy Sunday to everyone

    Much love...

  7. Welcome back Mary!!! Thanks for the Pantry....

  8. A lovely Pantry to wander through this sunny is a picture-perfect summer day here at the farm, complete with horses grazing the fields, little cowbirds on their backs. Add poetry, and it is perfect. Thanks, Mary, for the Pantry and the wonderful photo of Qatar.

  9. What a striking photo! Happy to be here in the Pantry today :-)

  10. Perfect photo selection. Thanks Mary.
    Hope you and everyone have a wonderful, fruitful, happy week.

  11. Happy to see you all


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